HLG Customer Service NOT Helpful with Choosing the Right Light for Me

@shaggy808, Considering the amount of light and HVAC equipment needed for a room that size. I would consider maybe putting two 5x5 or 4x4 tall tents in the room, and use the remaining room as a lung room with the HVAC equipment.
You will be looking at 4-6 plants per tent. But if done correctly you can get close to 2 ounces per square foot. This maybe a better return on your investment.
For the two tents, three 120 volt 20 amp circuits will do. One for each tent and one for the lung room equipment.
For the room I would wire in two 240 volt 20 amp circuits for lights, one 240 volt 20 amp circuit for the AC unit, and at least one 120 volt 20 amp circuit for the fans and other stuff.

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I mean, you could technically put these plants in here but they’re going to get unruly and you’re going to have problems getting access to them. Go check out Matty’s topic for the last year or so, this is typically 8 plants in 8 ft².


thanks for the reply. I already have 2 tents one 4’x8’x6’ the other is 5’x5’x6’. I am trying to use my room because its bigger and I’d like to get at least 20 plants going. I am going to completely seal off the room by covering the windows with plywood or drywall then sealing the edges with caulking to try to have a really sealed room. My tents are cool but i am trying to ramp up a little LOL. So that’s why I wanted to take the tent out and utilized the room now instead of the tents. Will see after getting feedback like yours and others may change my approach. Thanks, I much appreciate you and your feedback!! Have a great day!

Sure, think it out! When you say a bedroom, does this mean that the floor will need to be waterproofed in someway? A lot of these things that come with a tent can be expensive to duplicate.
I am not a big fan of tents, but I cannot find it logical to move away from a tent, especially with my small grows. But I will admit that I am impressed with my new 5x5-80 AC Infinity tent. Not all tents are created equal.

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Here’s a few pics of my very first crop.

Couple more pics of my first grow in my 2 tents one was for veg the other was for flowering

. @dbrn32 @Ickey @Mark0427

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I feel I got better at this I managed to do another 2 harvests after this one. I only got maybe 1.4oz maybe off each I thought that was a little compared to some people here that get 3-4oz per plant. I am trying to get to that point LOL. I know i have more learning to do!! Thanks, you guys for all the help!

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The lights are from amazon called KING LED. Probably not that great but it did okay, I guess. Thats why I want to get better lighting for this round!

Yes I was going to rip out the carpet and do linoleum flooring. I think the tents are awesome but i want to utilize my room and max my grow space if possible! Thanks Ickey

Nice job! My friend. I hope you don’t mind me saying this. But if I was you, I would first invest in better lighting for the existing tents. The HLG 350Rs would be a good light, and you can use them in the future room hanging one for about each four square foot. I would get my grows dialed in to at least an once per square foot in the tents. And gain this experience before investing in a large room.

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You know what I think that is a better idea. I am hoping a better light will possibly get me a better yield in weight. This is one reason why I wanted to do a bigger space. But if i can get more weight per plant that would be cool and still use the tents I am all for this! You think a better light will help get more weight?

LOL i am sure there is going to be many answers to that question. haha big thanks Ickey!!

Yes, better lighting will be your best return on investment. I have gotten as much as two ounces per square foot, and I am disappointed with less than 1 ounce per square foot.
Go to HLG’s website, and go to resources. They have a product selector that will tell you the optimum light for sizes up to 10x10.

It seems to be the game, we play.

Yes, who will do the work?
My license is for 15 and they exhaust me.
My electric bill is $200/ per month for grow and Equipment purchased matches that.
This aint 1975 with a seed., dirt, and light bulbs.
My HLG 350R cost two or three times (if not the same) as all other lights previously purchased.
1994, 167 USN families, NAVY stored household goods stored, burned up, So I don’t have that light.
.George C was right. My stuff, died, not me. but I did.
Couldnt say it better,

I enjoy having two tent to balance my lung room and the reciprocal.

11x13x9 is a lot of space to light up. Any thing u do just make sure ur gonna have 35 to 59 watts per sqft my room is 4x7x8 I have. One light pulls about 690 watts one does 250w and 3x uva bars at 30 w each then a far red bulb at 50w. I can’t crank all the lights u on high but I get descent quantity and quality weed. I can pull 3lbs from my room on 7 to 9 plants. If photos and vegged a bit I usually get about a lb per plant in my room with hlg lights. Watts is where it’s at. Good lights and nice wattage.