HLG coupon code?

Im looking to buy 4 QB288 Rspec boards with Slate V2 heatsinks.

Anyone have a coupon code for HLG site? @dbrn32? @bueller, @bueller, @bueller

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Google hlg promo codes. First hit is from hotdeals. There’s a 60% off 288v2 slate @AAA

Thank you @RandomlyRan. The code does not seem to work and is not for the Rspec 288s. I found another code that did not work as well.

Worth a shot

I gave up and bought them.

Sorry. The only time I’m use to seeing coupon codes for them is around Thanksgiving and 4/20.


All good, I bit the bullet. Need to be up and running by Oct. 1st!


Congrats on some dapper new rigs anyway


Thank you sir!

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