Hlg bud and weight

I would like to c some buds under hlg lights and know how much weight you are pulling per plant and light .just curios in the old days of mh and hps good yield was a gram per watt .I’m currently using cheap led and getting around 7 oz per plant per light .considering up grading to hlg


Here was a small nug.

Under HLG lights.


Nice what size light oz per plant?

@Tom1 I don’t weigh till the end. Last harvest was a weak 8 z’s dried, cured and no stems. First grown 4 months under a Viparspectra PAR600 then also the last month of flowering under 2 HLG 260xl rspec kits.

Latest plants and I know they have serious weight.

Top photo is a plant a tad over 7 feet. Blue Dream

Middle photo Blue Dream was out of control

Last photo is Peach Puree CBD over 7 feet tall and over 8 feet wide.

For the record I grow 12/12 from start to finish.


heres what my average bud off my jack h looked like under qb 260w xl 3000k v2


So if you’re on 12/12 are you growing auto flower .hear is a pick about a week ago I’m about to harvest next week

sorry for the purple

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@Tom1 No…I grow Photos. Now I am going to do 2 Autos with a plant I plan to be a Super Monster and it will be a Photo as well. I like the control that you get with Photos. :+1:

I’ll probably pull the trigger and start of with one per plant and use the blurple for side lighting

Last harvest using
4 1/2’ x 8 foot tent
2 HLG 600h (non r-spec they weren’t available at the time) 620 watts each.
7 photos and 2 autos
Final Jared weight was 4Lbs.
That’s 1816 grams using 1240 watts
1.4 grams per watt I think if I did the math correctly.

Some bud pics


You’ll probably have to click the image, this site tends to crop it. Amnesia haze under a HLG 135. She was an 8oz plant.


@Skydiver 1.4645 grams per watt is what you got.

I gotta start beefing mine up as my numbers are low. :pensive:



If I did the math right based on the above numbers then yep that’s what I got…lol

402 grams of flower (14 oz), 4 1/2 months under Bridgelux gen 1 EB strip diy build, 3,000K with a peak of 240 watts. That’s what this plant was grown under. 1.25 grams per watt


Sorry I’m a numbers guy. When I was in 3rd grade my classmates struggled to do multiplication table by 6. I remember doing past 12 and mom said oh no, you was way past say 31x32 for example. I was doing college level math by the time I was in 5th grade. But I refuse to be a Math Nerd. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very nice that’s the kind of numbers I’m talking about

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Anything over 1 gram per watt is good. But I want to shoot for 2 grams per watt.

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Is that verbal with LEDs as well 1 g per watt

Yes HLG LED’s.