HLG and 4x4 tired of returning lights

Hello all my brain is about to explode with info. I am returning 2 cheapo lights after days of reading on this forum. The information is overwhelming to me all I want to do is grow a little weed. So I bought a 4x4 tent and now the question now is can I run 1 set of 260xl for now and get another set later? I got some auto flowers from here and can’t wait but I will. Do you think I can get 3 to work on the 2x4 space? please help.

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1 HLG 260xl is ideal for a 2x4 space. Two of them are plenty for a 4x4.


Thanks I was wondering if 3 autos will fit in a 2x4 space even thou I have more room

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Autos don’t tend to get too big. I’m sure you could.

Normally if your wanting to pack the tent from side to side with plants then they shouldn’t be autos. I’d only do 4 autos in a 4x4 because one or two of them could get big. One of the 260xl kits can light half of the 4x4 until you buy the other.

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You should be able to squeeze these 3 autos in a 2x4 space:

White Widow

Northern Lights

If you’re still concerned about space, just go with 3 Lowryder or do 2 of any ILGM auto strain.

You should be able to do 4 of any ILGM auto strains in a 4x4 space.

On a side note, one thing I thought I should point out - the title of your thread says “HGL.”
HLG (good) and HGL (bad) are two very different companies. I wouldn’t want anyone to get them confused. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sorry I meant HLG like I said brain dead oh I do have my auto flower 2 pack. No problems getting them great job


Plants in veg don’t require as much light and of course are smaller. This means that you should have plenty of light until you flower, at which point you can install another one.


Thank you

Yes I squeezed in 3 auto ww 2x4.

@Bobo the title caught my eye as well. I’ve just bought 2 x 260 boards. Installed them yesterday and I love them. I have them in one half of my 4x8 tent and fully intend to buy another 2 once this grow is finished. Just thought I would throw another vote in for HLG :sunglasses:

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With the right plants. You could do 3 in a 4x4. I would strongly suggest not just blindly taking advise. When you see a strain that interest you. Do a search here and see how big others have grown the plants. I know of a few strains that would fit in a 4x4 for me. The breeders make a difference too. You can have a NL that some on like fast buds sell grow small. And one from another breeder that grows big. Nirvanas swiss cheese stays nice and compact. Yields 4 oz. Seedsmans Gelato was another some what small plant. There are also strains that would be hard pressed to do more than one in the tent. And one of my tents are a 4x4. :grin: