HLG 650r Draw Numbers

I didn’t see this posted on the forum so this is for others who own/may purchase a 650r. These are the approx wattage draws by dimmer increment on the light. This is direct from HLG…


I’m not even at 4-.- and that’s not even where the fun begins

You got your shades right?


Did you put your uva bar onto the 650 @Randy_Marsh

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It sure is bright… try running 4 of em and 4x 480 4000k cutoms

these things are much brighter then 650s just based on the cri and cct being 4000k there is a high blue arch rediculesly bright…
… I DID get some yellow lenses blue light blockers… i was in there for 6 to 8 hours a session it would give me a head ache

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I don’t have the 650 My true watts are not even at 4 on the scale although I do have the uva :grapes: bar


Lol I was running about 4000watts

Damn , Na I don’t have that much room , learning slowly how to grow

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Damn fano. Killing the power grid over there. I jave a scopion diablo and a 260xl with 2x 30uva bars in the photo room and 2x 260xls and 2x 30uva bars in the spare bath for the autos lol. Oh and a hlg far red bulb in the spare bath on the autos also worjing on hettin 2 or 3 more far reds from hlg to add to my photo room.


So you know allll about bright :slight_smile: … that was my down fall on the big room… got a letter from the power company… heart breaking


what did your letter say

…it coulda be coincidental…m bit riiight when I start hitting around 8500 watts in the warehouse alone they said they wanted to come check the meter to make sure it was working properly to avoid over billing… the guy never returned there message and they never contacted him again and never came out but the grow stopped with a quickness


fano_man have you used your really bright light on its own if so what did you think and was your yield up ?