HLG 65 v2 is light good for beginner? 2x2 tent

Hey guys need some advice I’m new to growing and I’m trying to upgrade to new light I currently have a maxisun pb1000 and seems to be working fine but been reading and seen most people recommend the hlg lights is the hlg 65 a good starter light? I currently have 2x2 grow tent

The HLG is only a 65 watt light and is too weak to use as a primary light. The other issue with it is that the light has no red spectrum, so you can’t flower a plant with it.

I suggest an HLG 260 Rspec for 2 plants.


So how about my current light? What do you think of the maxisun?

It is a 200w light that should be capable of flowering 1 plant.

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No it’s a 100w if I’m correct.

Thank you for the advice

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You will not go wrong with the HLG light suggested. Also later if you expand to a 4x4 space just add another 260

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@MidwestGuy @kellydans the 260 is 600mm. That is 23.6" tight for a 24x24.
Usually the 135 comes up as a recommendation in 2x2.
But now HLG has a baby diablo. My goodness


Yeah, time to upgrade……again.


Thank guys, i was thinking about that new Diablo but seems to be new and not seen many reviews on it.

That’s a good point, @beardless not a lot of lights built to accommodate a 2x2 space.

True. 200w in that size light, I like it. Great for 2x4 2x6 Just keep adding lights.
@BobbyDigital HLG knows what it is doing


Yeah, that 200 Diablo really hits the sweet spot for new growers who want a good light for a single plant for not a whole lot of money.

Seems like HLG want to outdo this market against the newer Spider Farmer models.


That is on the HLG page?

Found it. Christmas is coming reeeeal soon


@MidwestGuy so between spider farmer and hlg you still think hlg light would be a better choice?


Yes, HLG makes better lights and has far better customer service.


That will make someone happy. I am a big fan of self-gifting. I mean it make a Wednesday special.


Yep, I just checked out their website, quite a few lights are on sale.

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That looks like a whole lotta light for under 200.00