HLG 600 RSpec distance from seedlings

Hey y’all. My first grow and I have a question about light distance and transplanting. I have a HLG 600 watt Rspec that I am using for veg and bloom. I emailed HLG for recommended heights for seedlings, veg and flower. This is what they said. 38" at
10%(60W) for seedlings; 32" at 50%(300W) and 18"-24" at 100% (600W).
38" above canopy at 60W just seems to far and not enough light but I just dont have the experience to know if that sounds about right. I thought the seedlings looked a little leggy so I have the light at 30" at about
20% (120W) Do they still look leggy to you?

My second question is when to transplant from solo cups into 2gal smart pots. (Final pot will be 5 gal) Here are a couple pictures of my plants and grow info.

(5) ILGM Skunk Photo Feminized
4x4 GGT light/600 HLG Rspec/18 on 6 off
Temps 77-79/RH 45%-55%
FFOF soil. Tap water around 250 ppm
PH’ d to 6.5ish.

How do they look? Are they ready to transplant?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

No they look great. Slight overwater showing on leaves.

I don’t transplant from solo cup until the roots fill the cup. I drop them in clear solo cups so I can monitor the root growth and then place the clear cups in opaque cup so the light doesn’t hit the roots. I would go right to 5 gallon. Any reason you want to go to 2 gallon first?

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Thanks for the feedback. Ill watch the watering. As for the 2gal pot, its just what I read somewhere. That it is better to transplant multiple times rather than moving right to finishing pot. I believe for root development and yield? I wasn’t looking forward to the multiple transplanting. And if I don’t need to do it I’d rather not.

Just go right to the 5 gal. Add some mycorrhizae into your supplement arsenal if you don’t already. It works magic on getting her roots going once transplanted. Just sprinkle it in the transplant hole and on the root ball when you pull them out of the solo cups. I use great white mycorrhizae but there are plenty of others to choose from.

Right on. Thanks man. Yes I already have the mycorrhizae ready to go. I will ga straight to the 5gal pots. Since I dont have the clear cup inside the red cup, any rules of thumb as to when to make the move to 5 gal? Number of leave sets? Length of overhang the cup? It seems like everyone has a different rule.

It’s really a guessing game without knowing root status. You can have plants your size with roots nearly filling the cup or the same size plant with only few roots making it to the edge. That’s why there so many different rules. But they’re healthy and advanced enough to go now if you’d like. You could also wait a few weeks and they’ll be good either way.

Transplant when leaves are hanging outside of cup edge, you’ll be fine.

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Thanks so much.

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Here’s an example, these had roots filling the cup

And so did these but they were much larger when they finally filled the cups

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Got it. I see what you mean. I think Im gonna try the clear cup method next go round