HLG 60 LED Supplement light

There seems to be very little information about this light online so I thought I would reach out to you guys here: has anyone had any experience using the HLG 60 Supplement light from Horticulture Lighting Group?

It’s a red spectrum booster, I am considering adding 2 of them (mounted vertical) to supplement my HLG 300 v2 for flowering in a 3x3 tent.


It’s a lot of additional light, and it may help, but I’m not buying it for the price. :wink: @aggrocraig


free shipping, too, don’t know if I can control myself :crazy_face:

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That’s what light is designed for, but I agree you’ll be way into light saturation for a 3x3 with two of them. You could probably get two and then dim the hlg-300.

For what its worth, those are 35" fixtures. I would make sure you can fit them first.


I have 2 hlg 65 panels in 3500 to help with my hlg 300 v2 in 3000 so like you I can angle them for better penetration in my 3x3 tent. I also have a hlg 135 red spec when i had them all in tent it wad too much for gorilla girl and started to cook buds as i was using 12 - 18 light height with some buds closer.

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@Mort1 Mort do you have any pics? Or have you experienced any problems with too much light (burn)?

It’s not usually light burn that gets them, it’s not keeping them fed enough, and deficiency’s pop up. @aggrocraig


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@Mort1 make sure they finish uploading before replying.

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Sorry @Covertgrower @aggrocraig I’m a bit crap at putting pic in will try again but yeah I’m 99% sure it was light burn and when i realised and raised lights they started to come good and the buds that were burnt well they were dry brown some were half and half with the back side were ok oh and sorry for going off forum the other day but it stopped me from replying for 17 hours will try pics again 20191113_224050

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Yep thanks still shit at this forum stuff @Covertgrower
Still not sure about pic will go on other topic and learn thanks for your help