HLG 550 VR rpec in 4x4

That’s what’s I’m concerned with. I found a company out of Pennsylvania that has the 550 rspec for $560. They use the same driver and the Samsung led’s. I haven’t priced the 260’s yet, but they assemble & test the lights before they ship. They have gotten great reviews. Update. I just checked price of the 260’s. $264, plus $19 for shipping. They arrive assembled. I’m now leaning towards the 550. I’m thinking that one fixture will be less prone to heat. I only grow 4 plants in my tent so I think it will be adequate

November 8
@Otis Yeah they put off heat. I think I read where someone mentioned about putting there drivers on the outside of the tent. I was thinking about trying that and see if it would help with the heat inside the tent.

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What’s the company?
Sounds like a middle man that just facilities the Chinese purchase from Alibaba

The company is Hygrow lighting solutions. They are out of Pennsylvania. I’ve been messaging them. They assure that these are the Samsung LED’s. They are also using the newer im301h LED’s. Mean well drivers. They have received a lot of good reviews. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I’m about 1/4 way into a grow now. These guys are a lot cheaper… but I have to do more research to see if they are legit…

@Otis I can say my babies love my HLG 260xl kits. Even though I grow on a 12/12 schedule from start to finish and I can say my plants are way bigger now. They keep thanking me for the change.

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Can’t find anything on them aside from their own webpage and their Facebook page… My Geuss is just a middleman for bulk Chinese copy cat QB’s.
Dabble at your own risk, I’m sure they will work and work good but if by chance you have a faulty product or have a warranty issue I bet you will have a fight on your hands and my guess is they arnt going to warranty anything and jsut ignore you because they are so new.

I think it’s a license to build these to spec. and a price cap to weed out the rip off sites. If it’s too cheap, pass ! Better yet build it yourself!

550 v2 awesome results!


That’s what I’m talking about! Looks great. I think I am going to wait until next grow and go with the 550!

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Just wondering how difficult it was to build? That’s what scares me… I only grow 4 plants in my 4x4. I know the 260’s would be great, but I’m thinking the 550 would be adequate for this.

@Otis If you go the 260xl Kit, according to HLG stats on just the grow area the 550 would do the job.

But consider this…2 260xl kits draw 570 max watts from the wall.

A 550 will draw max 480 watts.

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That’s the decision I have to make. The 260’s will give me more flexibility. Just nervous about putting them together. The 550, I don’t have to deal with that. I’ve heard the build is simple, but I have trouble getting my fly on my pants to work lol.


These babies are bright as hell they outshine my old hps bulbs. they are warm but manageable!

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@Otis I was able to put my 260xl kits together with no issues and I take 40 pills a day. You can do it.


Just watched the video. Doesn’t look too difficult.

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i was just gonna post that. i was scared too and got this kit instead of buying all the parts individually and i had it together in twenty minutes with no issues and , as you say, also have trouble with buttons on a shirt sometimes. just play the video while you put it together and hit pause and you’ll be done in no time.

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I just watched a couple of u tube videos on it. I think that it is within my capability. Gonna go with the 260xl’s! Thanks for all the feedback!


If you have questions ask when you get them.


Hey. Just a thought. I am using a Viparspectra par 1200 now. This seems to be a great light for veg… what do u think about me using this only for veg, then for flower use the 260’s with the 3000k spectrum for flower? The Viparspectra is a year old, and I hate to put it out to pasture… or go with the xl. Thanks!

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