Hlg 320 xl and a light mover

I have some questions for the light gurus and questions about Light Rails. I’ve searched the forum and found no answers.
I have 2 320xl Rspec in a 5x5 tent. Which they should light pretty well
So if I took out the tent and used a light mover, how much more area could I EFFECTIVELY light well enough for flowering? I myself don’t think 2 lights would be enough for 10x10 but if I added a third light with a light mover could that be enough for 10x10.
As opposed to 4 lights
I will need to expand a little but don’t want to waste $$ But the concept of the light mover makes sense to me @elheffe32
@garrigan62 @dbrn32

I have a 630 lec on a 6ft light rail and it’s plenty for a 10x10 area I don’t no anything about your lights @dbrn32 would know better then me


@Hogmaster. Two 320 xl flower footprint is 5x5.
What is the flower footprint of your light??
That info would illuminate me :sunglasses:

It really depends on what you’re trying to do. Adding a light mover doesn’t increase your light density or daily light integral any. So there’s no increase in amount of energy produced at that level. A mover will get you more coverage and better light penetration. In turn that gets light to parts of your room and parts of your plants that would be shaded. Since plants like to send energy where they receive it, there is usually better development throughout the plant with mover as opposed to without. That is where biggest gains from light movers come from.

Stretching them too far you run risks similar to being underpowered from lights. A lot of times you can combat the same way too. If you run a scrog or shorter plants you can stretch them quite a bit further. Bigger plants are going to require shorter sweep to keep good bud density. Like everything else individual experience varies some.

I think the best way to start would be to get everything setup and take a look at far you can go without having shadowing on either end or the middle. Maybe play with light spacing too. Then run it there and see how you do.


Thanks for your insight. Deffinately something to think about

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