Hlg 300L rspec advice


@JJ520, why are you using (2) HLG 300 Rspecs vs. (1) HLG 600 Rspec? @dbrn32, Do you have some guidelines to follow for stage of growth vs. height above canopy vs. % intensity?

I was using two to have a more even light spread and have them dimmed down in my earlier posts said what I was going to use responses were two would have better light spread dimmed down as far as height and all that no spec says 18 to 24 in I was using a California light works cob before swap out which was bright as hell so I figured 27 in at 50% to start and see how that goes do you have any better recommendations thought this would be the correct setup what would you suggest would like nice even light spread for filling the tent before flip to flower in a week or two then after I flip what would you suggest for heights and settings thanks appreciate the help

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The bigger lights were unavailable and I ordered three of the 300s for a bigger tent next go round have two set up for now one in the closet still in box waiting

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Was thinking once I get into the end of flowering I will put the CLW 24 Watt UVB light between the two 300s I think it will set up pretty nice? Any thoughts on the UVB I have heard they’re pretty good for trikes and THC boost

ahh, ok. I’m a complete nube and was just curious. I tagged @dbrn32 as he is the lighting guru!

No problem I’m fairly new to always up for advice from experienced growers on this site they have a lot of knowledge

+/- 2’ at half power is probably pretty good

Would you suggest any different height or dimmer setting when I get into flowering as I will be flipping in the next week or two


You are going about the switchover just like I did.

I had two 1200w “Blurpies” all the way through my 5th grow (autos) in March. Last week of March my HLG arrived - all plants (10) were in flower. I reconfigured the “Blurpies”, hung the HLG for 6 of the 10 and bud growth was OUTSTANDING.

Six of the 10 have now been harvested (now in cure) - 4 of the six set all times records (for my grows) in yield!!

I can’t wait for Memorial Day - should be completely cured by then.

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Yeah I’ve only had the lights a few days but really liking them so far will be switching on Saturday to 12/12