Hlg 300L rspec advice

Hlg 300L rspec what would be better 1 or 2 in 3+3 tent with scrog any advice thnks

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2 of everything is always better iunless its kids lol. If u can control yhe temps in the tent why not go for the gusto and do 2 but thats alot of power for a 3x3 lol. @dbrn32 might let u know whick is best fitted for a 3x3 for best results.


One makes enough light to hit recommended dli numbers on ambient co2. Two would provide more uniform coverage and allow to do the same with fixtures dimmed some.

I would think to check out price in hlg-550/600 if considering running two. Pretty much same thing in a 3x3 tent and probably cheaper.


“Unless it’s kids”… :joy:


Damn str8. I have 3 so i know what im talking about. 2 of them are 1 week shy of being a year apary lol. When my daughter turned 1 year old my son turned 1 week old. Lol.


Ouch. I wasn’t man enough to have a third. 5 year spread between my daughter’s.


Oh you lucked out you can combine birthdays when they’re older


We do. They share a party. One year we do it for the ones dday of the party next year is the other kids party day but both celebrate same day. Works out well for everyone too. Only 1 trip for party lol. Them 2 kids there are super super close too. Would almost think they r attached at the hip. They def r gonna be best friends when tgey get older for sure. And my girl is the older one keeps my boy out of trouble for the most part. She k ow right from wrong and dont want her dad to yell at her so for the most part she dont do anything wrong or bad at all. She is on the honor roll at school everyyear. I did right in the kid dept for sure all my kids do well for themselves so far o. Es 7 ones 8 and ones 15 just turned on the 14th


Plan on doing a little bigger tent next go round so I purchased three and I’m doing a 3x5x6next time probably put two in it and have one for a spare what do you think this go round I’m switching up right before flower in the 3X3 I have solar extreme 500 but very hot

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I think you’re gonna love that.

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Easy grow just add water

Having a hard time finding a 3x5 or a 3x6 x6 ft 8 tent how do you think hlg 300 l r specs would do in a 4x4 would it be pretty good coverage not too much or do you know where to get a 3x5 or 3x6 x6 ft 8" tent advice would be greatly appreciated

Would like to put two in the 4x4x6’8 tent


Has more of it’s line out, which get quite large. The largest have not eta still.

Yeah I was checking out the 4x4x80 but it’s not available until 28th from AC infinity says it’s out of stock no pre-orders but I’m thinking about ordering that on the 28th can’t seem to find rectangular tents and a 3-ft configuration

I don’t believe this is competition. They don’t sell seeds. Kind of a conglomerate tho. https://growace.com/grow-tent.html

There are some really interesting tent designs out there. I’ve never scrolled through all of them tho. Too many there.

Curiosity killed me. Had to find out if any of their brands made those sizes. Nope.

Ya I’ve been looking for a few weeks secret jardean makes one that’s close to 3x5 but bad reviews and out of stock will probably go 4x4x80" ac infinity seems pretty nice

Got the new 300l r specs today, got them all set up very sweet got them started out at 27"half power

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