Hlg 300 rspec dial settings?

Hello, i am wondering if anybody that might grow using the hlg 300 rspec can help me with the dial settings for the grow stages. My last light was a cheap vivosun vs 1000 that came with the tent kit. It actually kicked ass really. The dial was set in percentages with a chart to tell you what percentage you want to be at each grow stage. I decided to get a little more serious and upgrade to a hlg 300 rspec. Supposed to be a much more superior light. But the manual for this light is pretty vague. Tells the distance the light should be from canopy. But really nothing on dial settings. I started my last grow at about my half power. But i think it dwarfed these plants. They never stretched really at all. Then i went into flower and from what ive read they need as much light as possible so i went in increments till up to full power. Even in flower i haven’t raised my light. They just stay the exact same height?? What are other 300 rspec growers doing during thier grow stages?? I do have a lux app and supposedly i am within the realm. But i question the accuracy. Thank you guys in advance!


I have 550r myself. Par meter for android will give you dli numbers you seek. Those lights are much much more intense than most others. Can flat fry the girls. Use recommended height for stage. Use dli meter to dial in where you want to be. App is free.

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Im running the 350R the dimmer switch is not just an even percentage per click. I called HLG and they gave me these percentages for all 10 clicks on the dial… Hopefully this will help somewhat. I would call them and they will dial you in.


Awesome! I will definitely reach out to them! Thank you!