HLG 260xl Question

@dbrn32 if I wanted to add the third panel to
This light, will I need to upgrade the driver or is the one provided adequate?

Driver included in that kit won’t run a third board. Assuming you have 288 boards? You would either need to go up to a hlg-320h-c1750, or buy a driver to just run the third board.

If you have 304 boards, would definitely need two drivers.

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Ok thanks. I’ll revisit this when I get them installed. In your opinion, should I go HLG or Timber grow lights? I want a pro set up

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Do you know if timber has any of their lights available in 90cri? I’d email and see.

What does cri mean??

Color rendering index. It’s the ability of said light to reproduce a true color based on reference. The actual cri of light has very little to do with a lights ability to grow. It’s just happens that these particular higher cri leds produce peak intensities in wavelengths conducive to growing. Hps and blurple lights have a very low cri compared to most of the modern phosphor coated leds. That’s why it’s more difficult to decipher pictures taken underneath them.


Mind blown. So much science! How do you know all this??

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I’m sure there’s more I don’t know than I actually do haha. Just comes with the territory I guess. Lots of time trying to get the most for my money I suppose.

It never hurts to be an educated consumer

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Most definitely!