HLG 260XL Kit Assembly

Quick question for anyone that has assembled one of these.

Step 10. Connect the gray and purple wires to the potentiometer wires with two of the Wagos provided.

Where do I attach the black and white wire? I am assuming the empty ring on the potentiometer? If so any recommendations for attachment? Bend and twist? Directions don’t address it nor does the video. Wiring is not my area of expertise. Everything else has been straight forward.

Thanks in advance.

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The 3rd wire is unused.


Thanks @Newt - just put a wire cap on it?

You can. But I suspect it isn’t connected to anything on the other end either.

I just snipped it at the insulation on mine.


I snipped mine too

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HLG 260 piece of electrical tape because I didn’t know what else to do with it.


that works too


Well I am that kind of person that doesn’t want to leave things hanging. Can’t wait to find screws and extra stuff behind and disassemble everything to double check!

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