Hlg 260w xl v2 ppfd

I’ve been searching for a ppfd chart of the 260 xl but was unable to find anything. Reached out to hlg today and this is what they sent me. Hope this helps anyone!

That’s very cool. Thanks for the info!

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Another reason HLG receives high praises and is a good company to deal with

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I haven’t been to their site in a couple years but they used to have a pdf file attached to the product page with these “ppfd maps” (that is what I call them I’m sure they have a real name) I’m not sure if they still do


So have a ? It says Test in Open Air. So wouldn’t numbers be higher in a tent or reflective surfaces ?

Yes they would be higher with reflective surfaces. Also my 260’s have never pulled 274w with Meanwell Driver and gen1 boards or a Inventronics Driver with V2 Rspec boards. Mine have always pulled a max of 257w as measured with a Kill-A-Watt or a amp probe and ohms law calculations.

Thanks that’s makes more sense, those numbers seem very low, almost got a 260, but got the 300 instead. Should haved saved more money and got the 350 I need more light in my 4x4.