HLG 260 wiring external driver

I asked HLG customer service what they recommend be used to wire the driver to my 260 to a location other than the heatsink.
This is the reply
homedepot “DOT” com/p/Southwire-By-the-Foot-18-3-300-Volt-CU-Black-Flexible-Portable-Power-SJOOW-Cord-55811799/204632935 ** 6 Feet of extension wire

ATPWONZ 3 Pole Wire Connector IP68 Weatherproof Junction Box External Sleeve Coupler Cable Range 0.2-0.39 Inch (5-10 mm) Pack of 2 - - Amazon.com ** X1 new 3 way connector

You will disconnect the barrel connector from the “OUTPUT” side of the driver, add your length of wire in, New connector on bare end, and reattach driver to new connector.

-Cody Spradlin

Thank you for contacting HLG Customer Support

Is there 3 wires in the output to the led’s?(normally there is only 2.The the driver is grounded to frame/heat sink.) I use 18/2 CU blk from driver to led boards. To do it that way so you should/could use another wire to the ground side of your line in. My house is from the early 60’s so I don’t have grounded outlets.
You will need a new connector of the brand the use to get the new female/male ends. Or you could remove the end coming from the driver and solder and use shrink tubing to attach the new wire to Driver output and then use the connector you removed on the end of your wire.
Maybe its the 2 margaritas but I feel I should make a video :rofl:

That won’t help you extend the wiring to remote the driver. The DC connections are what’s holding you back. Search for some 18 gauge, 300 volt solid core wire.

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Should he do solid core or like the braided kind so the line is a bit more flimsy to move around. Solid will be a pain to run. Their lone coming from driver is not solid but what we connect to the board is just have to solder the end so it dont fray

Stranded are nearly impossible to push into the connectors on the boards. Unless you have a solder gun and can tin leads.


Hell i cant get the wire out of the prong to be able to do anything lol. Is there a trick to get them out. I tried and said nah nm before i break it

There’s a little tab that if you push on it with a tiny screwdriver or even a paper clip it should release.


Must have been pushing the wrong button lol. I pushed all over the tab and the damn wire would not come out so before i broke it i gave up. Wonder if my drivers have the bottom knob my inventronics diver seems to be a bit brighter than the meanwells are

Push the tab while gently pulling on the wire. They will break too, I’ve gotten a few.

Stranded wire will definitely hold up better to flexing and moving. As Bobbydigital pointed out, very difficult to work with though. If anyone wanted to go stranded I would recommend tinning the tips with a little solder.

@beardless the waterproof connectors are nice! But the link above says 5-10mm cable gland, is a squeeze on hlg-240 and bigger drivers. I’ve seen a few here and there say up to 12mm cable, I would shoot for those.

I appreciate the info on the connectors.

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