Hlg 260 dimmer mod

Hi All, I have a couple of the HLG 260s. Is there any way of adding an external dimmer to them instead of having to access the driver directly?

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Yes look up dimmer controllers compatible with HLG you can hook up to 25 lights to one controller (most) I believe.

But @dbrn32 or @PharmerBob could tell you better or more.

Which driver is on them?

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260s sold on third party websites still come with mean well drivers. The new ones direct from hlg have invotronics. But I’m gonna assume you’re using mean well if you are adjusting on the driver? Haven’t seen an invotronics up close yet.

Yes definately mean well drivers

Number? HLG-240H? Take a picture of the drivers.

Out of curiosity what would work for the Inventronics EUM-240 the one that came with the kit is already about to break off at the solder points

Meanwell makes them lots of different ways. A,B, AB,D, and Dx that I’m aware of. I’m going to guess that he has a driver too. But I know for sure some of these kits got sent with xlg-240-h-ab. In which case a pot can wire to external dimming leads.

Figured it was easy enough question to ask in order to be sure.

I was looking at them a bit ago. Am I wrong in assuming that you would have to use a rheostat if they aren’t the ones that already have the leads for an external dimmer and would that be agreeable to the driver? Like the B’s and AB’s have. But A’s do not. List of drivers suitable with a controller.

The drivers are still newish to me. But the buff jack is up and running as of yesterday! Installed 4 retrofits at a friend’s today. Which those 4 fixtures came out above 400 watts. 18x6x4. About enough to flower a 4x4.

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In most cases you would one of these listed. Pretty much anything ending in b or ab. They should all have external dimming leads capable of resistance, pwm, or 0-10v dimming.

Unfortunately the invotronics are pretty new around here. Not even sure if looking it up will get us anywhere yet.

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I’m not familiar with which driver they are sending, what is full model number?

I have seen this one before

Not remote controllable, that mean well ends in A. And this is what I pulled off the new 260 kit at hlg. Every other kit I’ve seen mean well has always been appropriate part numbers, so assuming such here.

So let’s start with those numbers. Just a different system than meanwell. Same set up.
The DG is remote dimable, so yes on that one.
second from the bottom in table. Works on either 120 or 240 (2), same as meanwell, except more efficient at 120? If I’m reading it right. Probably other way around. Anyway. Dimmers for that would be same as the rest. $3-5 on Ali plus a cord.

It says 93% efficient at 220v, I don’t see efficiency rating at 120v. I’m betting they are about the same. With meanwell being capable of resistance dimming and cheaper i would probably just stick with meanwell hlg series in this case.

@Oioioi that is Elg driver, I have never seen horticulture lighting group ship with those drivers. I know they are extremely popular down under though, wondering if maybe the importer there is doing some driver doctoring. In any case, if you want to remote dim you need capable driver ending from b in meanwell. So something like hlg-240h-c2100b or equivalent. That driver would be able to dim from 100k potentiometer or modules listed above. If you want to dim two drivers from single potentiometer then 50k pot.

Some of the knock offs from alibaba have the ELG drivers.

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That i believe, it’s no wonder they are cheaper. Not as big of deal for our friends using 230v, but weak driver on 120v.

Just now seeing this ill confirm full serial when I get off work

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@dbrn32 Full serial number is EUM-240S350DT