Hlg 135w v2 rspec questions

@dbrn32 just wondering what myths requirements for power and distance for starting out are. Any input is greatly appreciated!


It depends what stage you plant is in. If you have seedlings, start it out at 30 inches above
the tops and at 75% power. If in Veg, drop to 20 inches and increase to 80% power and if the plants want more, you will know.

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I agree, there is not one single correct answer. I usually say about 2’ at 50% power or so, then just see how plants react and adjust as necessary. Little higher at more power or lower at less power is going to be roughly similar intensity at plants. Some just need a little more heat or coverage, so running higher at more power makes sense. Others may have reasons to do the opposite. The most important thing is adjust based on feedback plants provide.

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