Hlg 135 v2 Rspec

I am a beginner grower and just ordered this light because I have heard good things about hlg and this was the one that fit my budget. I am currently in the seedling stage with two ak47 autos under a “blurple” that I had from quite a while ago and didn’t get good result on bud but veg just fine. Is this a good light for a beginner growing 2 plants in a 3x3 I know the optimal flower for this light is a 2x2 but the 260 was over my budget especially since hlg website has a basically 0 interest finance. Thank you for those who will reply and happy growing!

As you stated, you’re going to be lacking on the outer edges. I’d throw that blurple in there with it.


Will the hlg 135 make a good budding plant? I have heard of the 260’s doing amazing but haven’t really heard about the 135.

Yes it will. I have 3 of the 135 kits. And they’ve been running for a year and a half, non stop, without issue.

The 260 is basically two 135 kits. The only difference is the driver that’s used.

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The 135 is basicly half of the 260 ie one board as opposed to two. The foot print will be very diff. Is yours a 3500,4000,4500???

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Use the old blurple along with it. You might be surprised what you get.

I have a 260 in a 3x3. I plan on using my blurple Along with the 260 when it comes time to flower.

How much do you suppose my electric bill will go up with using the 135 and a blurple?

Those things are pretty efficient. I couldn’t tell you an exact number.

It’s an r-spec so it’s a mixture. I believe it ends up around 3200k

So y’all think for maximum yield I should run both the blurple and the 135 I figure it can’t hurt anything running both

It not only wont hurt anything but it can only help.

Here is the power of the 2 light kits of the 260xl rspec.

Just about 7.5 feet tall. Yes I grow monsters on a 12/12 start to finish. HLG freaking knocks crops out of the park. Best investment. :+1::+1::+1:

@Mburt Use every light you can. My two HLG 260 rspec runs me about $40 a month.

That’s a nice plant you got there off of them hoping after this grow I can have enough saved up to get a 260 and run the 135 with it

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@Mburt This is why I say to save what you can. I sunk $450 in two lights before I joined. Then had to spend the $799 and that was with shipping and taxes. It was 2 HLG 260xl rspec.

That 135 will still blow your Blurple light so use all the lights you can. Your plants will need it and by the way I use a 4x4 tent. :+1:

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