HLG 100 V2 best for a 24x24x48

I purchased a 24x24x48 tent for mother plants and vegging clones. After my current grow I plan on keeping a schedule for perpetual grows.

Would the HLG 100 V2 be my best option for that size tent or is there a better choice?

I know the kits are cheaper, but I don’t feel comfortable putting them together.

Make sure that you get an Rspec board. You’ll need the red spectrum for flowering.

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I have the 600 rspec for my 4x4 tent. The 2x2 will only be used for veg

Should be good then.

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You could even go with a 65. The thing is that neither one is dimmable, whereas the 135 B-Spec kit is.

You’re the only one who can determine your level of comfort, but I’d watch an assembly video on YouTube before making up my mind.


I did not realize it was not dimmable, heck I didn’t even look. That would’ve been a huge mistake on my part. Thanks for pointing that out!

I found a video online I’m gonna show my husband. Hopefully we can figure it out together. I definitely want a dimmer.

Hlg-65 would be plenty if you plan on doing is veg, just stay on 18 hour schedule.


I went with the 135 b spec. Should be here Tuesday.


The kit came early. It wasn’t too difficult to put together unless you have crap wire strippers :roll_eyes:
But, it’s done and it works.

Is there a dimmer knob I can buy to install on the 135 b spec? I didn’t realize the dimming capabilities was a screwdriver :woman_shrugging:t2:

@KeystoneCops @dbrn32

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I don’t think so. What is model number of driver they sent with?

I have the 2x2x4 tent sitting on my dresser, which makes it almost 7 feet tall. I’m a short chick, so I’m gonna have to get a step stool, lol.

I didn’t think it would be safe to leave the screwdriver in there?

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That is serial number, im looking for part/model number. May look like hlg-120h-54A? If that is part number, no remote dimming can be wired to thst driver.

You could leave the screwdriver in it if it helps, but will probably take up a lot of room. The best solution i could think of would be to leave driver outside off of fixture and outside of tent. You would just need to extend wiring from driver output to the boards.

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Thanks for your help. It is hlg-120h-54A.

Wish I would’ve thought of leaving the driver outside the tent before I cut all the wiring shorter to make it look nice and neat.

Hlg did send a mini Phillips screwdriver. Guess I’ll use that and go pick up a cute old lady step stool lol.

Oh well, no biggie. I can’t see needing more than 60-90 watts for clones and mother plants.

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You can pick up spool of wire on Amazon to do it with if you get tired of it.

Great choice if you got the kit they are extremely easy to assemble plus there are 100s of videos on YouTube to take you step by step i also just order a 2x2 and a 135bspec kit for all of my seedlings and clones side note just realized its already arrived and together haha

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Ingenuity at its finest. Great idea!

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Hey @Brobdab didn’t want to clog hell’s thread but I asked @latewood the same question and here is his answer

It is really amazing stuff! Do a search on those four things and you’ll be amazed too. If I had anywhere near me to harvest those kinds of materials(desert) I’d give it a go


Cool! Thanks @Calizona

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Hey brother, What was the question in Hellraiser’s thread? I owuld love to try and keep up :slight_smile:

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Homemade soil amendments. IMO, LAB, etc…