Hlg 100 in tent 900cm tall?

Short answer? Yes

More accurately, the import light manufacturers on Amazon are engaging in deceptive practices. I would wager $50 even odds that, if we measured the actual power consumption, that light would draw less than 600w from the wall. They’re lying, and trying to say it’s the equivalent of a 600w HPS. They justify that by using (for example) 60 LED chips rated for 10 watts max. 10x60 is 600, so they call it 600 watts. But they provide an 85w driver, and it also supplying active cooling.

Those lights will grow cannabis, and if you use enough of them you can light a big grow. But they are inefficient, and almost everyone here has been duped into believing their import purchase will replace a much larger HPS, only to be sadly disappointed.

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Hi guys how many plants can you fit under hlg 135

That’s a really complicated question, but I would urge you to grow one photoperiod plant in your 2’x2’ space.

Using LST to make a flat canopy in veg, then filling out the height in flower, you’ll have a great yield.


Unless you are me and grow 6 feet tall Indicas. :crazy_face:

Thanks keystone !

You’re welcome. Take a look at my more elaborate answer here: Hlg 100 in tent 900cm tall?

Can I see your tent I have a HLG 100 in a 32"x32"x63", I’m curious as to how many plants I can grow at once with the HLG 100 or does it really matter

Your tent and light aren’t perfectly matched; You’re light is a bit small to grow flowers in that space.

Plant count is a trickier question/answer. Clarify what you want to accomplish, and plant count will become obvious; moreover, other strategies will become obvious too. Typically, a 2x2’ tent is suitable for one plant in flower, but if you start a cycle of multiple tents then you have more options.

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Well the two I have are growing fine with the HLG 100, if I don’t get the 135… I’ll be getting the 260 and calling it a day

One of them is a little yellowish thou, could that be the light or is it the nutrients