Hlg 100 in tent 900cm tall?

Or will it be to strong?

900cm is 29 feet. Or 9 meters. Or 6 clones of me standing one atop the other’s shoulders. That can’t be right.


Haha whoops I meant 90cm

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I’m more interested in the depth and width of the tent. Also, what’s the purpose? (Seedlings, cloning, vegetative growth, flowering)

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60cm x 60cm x 90cm

Would the hlg 100 be to powerful to have in there? I haven’t got yet

See my edit to the last question

For flowering and veg if possible?

For the full cycle

That light and tent are a tough pairing. The HLG 100 will need at least 18” (45cm) canopy to light in order to get even coverage, and that’s half of your tent’s height. The light needs to be hung, and the plants need some sort of pot, so…

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I own two of the 100s, both the 4k and 3k. Great light, but you might want something dimmable instead, or buy a taller (60cm x 60cm x 180cm) tent with that light.


Okay cheers thanks for the help

So I’d be looking at a tent like this?
How many plants would be able to grow under the light in tent

If you go up in footprint, you’ll need to reassess your light. The 100 is good for a 60cm x 60cm, but I mean that literally; it isn’t overpowered. So if you increase the canopy size you need more light.

What cultivar(s) are you looking to grow? And what medium? Are you aiming to maximize yield, or would you rather have more variety?

Just using coco on a full spectrum light 600w but reading you get airy buds from them?

Would this tent be tall enough?

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How many plants can I grow in it under the hlg 100?

See my question about cultivar.

Not to sure what you mean by that man