Hiw doi get rid of smell

hi there 1st timer here would like some advise my room is L shaped main is 1750mm x1250mm the other part is 1000x600 ihave 1000watts hps and 400hps in small part i have a Can ISOMax 150mm 3 Speed Silenced Fan 410m3/h that runs on high and a

Can 33 Carbon Filter (150mm) i live up a shared drive and at the hight of the grow i can walk up drive the closer i get to house u can smell it i have the fan dumping air into roof space any ideas how to stop it smelling strange thing is i can stick my head up in roof space and cant smell it but out the front by my main door and garage is where u can smell it just dont want the wrong person coming up the drive and getting a wiff and i see some strains smell like candy blue berry etc would these strains stop it smelling a couple of people that know what im doin make the comment it pongs when they ave turned up

It sounds like the carbon filter is doing its job(clean smell in the attic), but the grow room isn’t sealed and the pre-filtered “smelly” air is leaking out from there.


hi cheers for that but im sure my room is air tight its in a closet with which i made a plywood flood about a 100mm above house floor drilled holes in ply wood floor cut a hole in inside wall of wardrobe about200mls long 50 mls high so when carbon fiter pullsl air it pulls from wall which in turn comes up threw plywood floor and air flows between plants then up into the roof space i have a made a board that sits in door jam and the carbon filter sucks the wood in tight which seals entrance and is hard to remove because of suctiion and you have to break suction to get back in

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