Hindu Kush Leaf Issue

Awesome forum. Lots of help. However I have been having an issue with a Hindu Kush plant that has been flowering for about a month now. The issue didn’t really become too noticeable until I flipped her. Most of the leaves are all the way yellow, and I’ve tried flushing and just watering with pH’d water or subbing pH water with cal-mag. Nothing seems to make any difference. Any thoughts?


Nice plant ! have you checked your PPM runoff looks a little hungry.

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Definitely looks like it needs some nitrogen

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since it’s appearing on relatively newer growth leaves I would recommend first checking your pH to make sure it is in within a range of 5.8 to 6.8 then I would recommend thinking about an iron supplement or iron zinc supplement looks to me as if you have an iron deficiency this can be caused by adding too much magnesium or having too much magnesium in the soil like adding too much calcium magnesium supplement like a lot of people do during fllower.I’m not 100% sure but I was just experiencing a similar problem on a plant and veg you can check my post for a picture…

Thanks guys, you’ve confirmed one of my suspicions of what I was thinking it could be. I will try these things and report back! Wouldn’t the ‘flush’ take care of these things though? Thanx again.

So I tested the nute water going in and also the runoff. So going in it was at 5.7pH, 801ppm, 1704 us/cm at about 73 deg F. The runoff was at 5.5pH, 723 ppm, 1538 us/cm 72.5 deg F.

Forgot to mention that I’m growing in coco. What should the ppm’s be reading right now?