Hindu Kush - double trouble


Hey @dbrn32
Are these strips any use for grow light building?


Absolutely, 3000k 90cri is about as good as you can get. I’m not sure on efficacy, but assuming they wouldn’t be too bad.


Will it be a huge problem that they’re 5m long? I’m assuming that’s what the 5 is. Can they be cut and terminated? And if they’re 60w. Will that mean I’ll need 5 to get 300w? And finally will it be a better light than 600w HPS? Wattage wise not power consumption


A watt is power consumption, so I’m really not sure what you’re asking there? I would need the efficacy to make any determination on how it would stack up to hps. Ask whoever you’re getting them from for a data sheet, that would help a lot. It’s hard to say from that description, but my guess is it means 60 watts per 5 meters. Which would likely mean it’s a 5 meter roll. If it’s a roll it can usually be cut, but how they are laid out sometimes differs by manufacturer.


Ah ok. They are in the “free” pile at a big job I’m doing so I can’t really ask for their spec. Haha


Looks like they’re only 12 watts per meter and come in 5 meter rolls. Not a lot of info but I didn’t dig very deep. Doesn’t seem like it would be worth the hassle.



Thanks bro. You know I didn’t even think to try their website. So thick. Thanks :pray:
And 12w/m is far too small.


If you could get a driver cheap and figure out how to cut them correctly you could wire up as some side lighting or something. But unless it’s cheap for a driver probably not worth the hassle.


The drivers were all there. There would have been maybe 50 5m strip rolls there. And I work with aluminium often so there’s the frame for free too. I was thinking I could have the frame 1mx1m and loop the ends back in a continuous run. If I have them 50mm apart I can put 20m of strips which is 4x5m rolls = 60w x 4 = 240w. Or 25mm apart would be 480w. The measurements are centre to centre so any closer and they’d be hard up against each other.


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Thanks for link doob!

@Ausgrow if you have access to everything you need there for free, I’d snag them.

This is not a typical component I would use, but I’m pretty sure @elheffe702 has a light built using something similar. I think you could end up with a pretty nice light for free.


Im intrigued. Free has my UNDIVIDED attention when lights are concernd :joy::joy:


Da ‘Roos tho :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:


I second what dbrn32 said. If it’s all there and free then go for it. Can’t hurt to try, the only thing you’d be out is the time to build it.


Nah, mine were just the clamp-on flood reflectors, with LED bulbs with diffusers removed. 3, 2700k, 23 watt for flowering, 2, 4000k, 23 watt for veg, and a couple 7? watt for the nursery.

But I agree, free is always good :+1:


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