Hindu Kush - double trouble


Yeah I know right. The LHS is a week older and I’ve been super cropping it like mad to get the RHS to be the same canopy height. Hopefully the stretch is nearly done.
On a side note my outdoor plant has been harvested and first tastes are WAAAAY better than I imagined. I was after a morning/daytime smoke so harvested half of it early. The early stuff rocks me. I guess I got a nighttime strain.:man_shrugging:


Hahaha. What was outside? The bagseed? Damn sounds good. I wish my first harvest was better. Been outta her smoke. And was the best head energetic high ive ever had


Some more monster cropping, a bikini wax and some cloning. They’re showing pistils now so here we go.:call_me_hand:t2:
Before pic

Pesky light came on before I could finish. I sweated…a lot.

And the clone army

This is them 24hrs later.


For your information, you cloning process was actually monster cropping, and your bending supercropping :slight_smile: they are doing nice man!


Huh. Well there you go.:man_shrugging: Makes sense.