Hindu Kush - double trouble


Yeah I know right. The LHS is a week older and I’ve been super cropping it like mad to get the RHS to be the same canopy height. Hopefully the stretch is nearly done.
On a side note my outdoor plant has been harvested and first tastes are WAAAAY better than I imagined. I was after a morning/daytime smoke so harvested half of it early. The early stuff rocks me. I guess I got a nighttime strain.:man_shrugging:


Hahaha. What was outside? The bagseed? Damn sounds good. I wish my first harvest was better. Been outta her smoke. And was the best head energetic high ive ever had


Some more monster cropping, a bikini wax and some cloning. They’re showing pistils now so here we go.:call_me_hand:t2:
Before pic

Pesky light came on before I could finish. I sweated…a lot.

And the clone army

This is them 24hrs later.


For your information, you cloning process was actually monster cropping, and your bending supercropping :slight_smile: they are doing nice man!


Huh. Well there you go.:man_shrugging: Makes sense.


This is my favourite view. There’s something special about a scrog. It’s a beautiful weave of live branches with just the right amount of zip tie.

This view is also good.


Nice work friend this will be a great show soon for sure!


Thanks bro. I’m just thinking now. Looking st the under shot. I think I have set the net about 100-150mm too high. Would you agree? I could have ended up with the same size canopy in 2 weeks less veg. I dunno :man_shrugging:. Just thinking out loud.


I run my scrogs kinda low but i dont think youve down wrong, stalk and branches look big and strong ready to make huge buds. My screens arw around 20-24" from bottom of tents and my pots are about 12" high, so.8-12" between soil and screen. But i run one plant in a 2x4 space and two plant in a 2.5x6.5 space.


Yeah I like your setup and scrogs. My last scrog was in the same tent (4x4) 1 plant with line and pvc scrog which lifted and warped like crazy (the line not the pvc). But this time I’ve gone with steel mesh with 50mm holes and I’m having a much easier time training to it. I just checked and the screen is at 11”. Absolute fluke. I think.
I stole the small holes and steel idea off @Budbrother who has an amazing penitentiary style scrog.


Then it hermid 2 weeks into flower :scream::sob:

So I chopped it :dagger:


Biggie smalls said “don’t get high on your own supply”… good advice. Then 2pac said some very inspired words. “FUCK BIGGIE, fuck bad boy as a posse and a record label.” I agree with 2pac. Especially when it’s the goods.

So the Hindu Kush sea of green is upon us. With an Afghan destined for outside.

Uploading: C54F7761-6E27-4953-B427-54579FB2B99A.jpeg…
And here’s the real deal. The stretch is real with this one. This is LHS.

And this is RHS. This is the mother to the clone army. I chose her clones due to her being a short and bushy AF plant.

@PurpNGold74 @raustin @basementstealth @Budbrother @Blasting @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 @fano_man @Haildamaged @OldSchoolGrower


Looks like a great start of a new grow. Gonna come along for this one…


Hell yea man he’s got the right idea very similar to my thoughts … @Ausgrow swing over to my journal I did the dirty deed and reuped on a fat sack of weed :slight_smile:
Got everything out of the room disinfected everything stopped painting dead in its tracks till weed is dryd plants being small will be easy to take out and paint and seal everything up once and for ever wanna reco the false wall really will something alot more durable … the thin dry wal kept getting wet and molding so I gotta scrub that idea or completly coat the bottom of the new drywall with some elastomeric just to keep it dry till water is stopped up and dryer I wanna make it like a damn surgery room in there and really paint all surfaces with white elastomeric so it’s easy to clean after each grow


Looking good :+1:


Thanks @elheffe702 I haven’t seen you around my friend. How’s things?


Been better, if I’m being honest. But it’s all good. It’ll be a bit before I’m growing again, but when I do it’s going to be about double what I was.


Yeah I just read your post on fridgidank. Bummer dude. You inspired me to do the perpetual grow so thanks for that. (Kinda sarcastic) my power bill doesn’t thank you that’s for sure. But thankfully I’ve solved that problem not by building leds. No that’s too cheap. I threw money at the bigger problem and am getting solar installed. Haha. So thanks for that bill too. Peace be the journey @elheffe702 here’s some clone root porn to cheer you up.


I built my veg space out of FC sheeting and painted it white. FC is waterproof. Too a degree. Maybe line your room with it, sikaflex the joints, ceiling and floor, then paint in exterior water based paint.


Thanks brother. :v: