Hindu Kush - double trouble


Really. Ok. I think I noticed quicker growth under the MH250. I put it down to the timing of transplant and grow space advance (my last bag seed hermi’d 2 weeks into flower so I moved these girls into the big tent.) would the 250 globe go into the 600 fitting? Or am I best to swap them back to the small space (500Dx900Wx1.2H) with the small light (250W MH bulb) and small fan (4” exhaust with carbon filter, passive intake)? Then when they outgrow it they can go into the tent, fill the scrog and flower? Thanks for the advice @Blasting


I am not sure about globes fitting, only handled 600w bulbs before. I wouldnt be worried and move them back under the 250w and im pretty sure theyll tank you for the extra blue spectrum.

This is the difference in spectrum of both lights, notice the spike in blue from the MH? And red/yellow from HPS? Blue spectrum is what you want in veg, red/yellow for flowering. I think 250w of mh for that space is just fine and at the point your girls are i dont think it is really energy efficient to use the 600w, even less efficient blasting your girls 600w of the wrong spectrum.

But yeah, I would consider grabbing a 600w bulb if you plan on scrogging in the bigger tent, or atleast try and more the 250w fixture to the bigger tent.


Very sound advice. I think I’ll check out the bulbs at the local hydro shop. They really should be in the small veg space still. I only moved them due to the hermi (god rest his/her soul). I didn’t think about the bulb. I am trying to line up the perpetual grow type setup. I think I need to germinate new seeds further into the flower cycle in the tent next time. I feel like these two would have quickly outgrown the veg space.


Shows you what i know. I never knew that @Blasting nice tip. :+1:t5:


I would have to agree with this advice. I’m currently running about 200 watts @ 3000K and ordered a 100 watt @ 4000K for the veg cycle. You can pump 1000watts into a red light and you still won’t have as much blue spectrum exposure as putting half that into a light that actually reproduces the blue spectrum.

So I would agree that in the traditional lighting segment, Metal Halide and it’s focus on the blue spectrum would be optimum for the veg cycle. In contrast, High Pressure Sodium having more red spectrum is more appropriate for the flower cycle.


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Nice. Very nice. Here’s a couple from yesterday.


That’s beautiful man.


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the important thing is you keep things in perspective and dont let it get you down


Yeah it was tough yesterday. All the rolling hills and sparkling ocean. And got stuck with it again today. Here’s a whopper of a harvest from this afternoon. Not the best TYPE of harvest but at least we can eat. Yummo


Today the girls got their first LST. The topping has worked wonders. :ok_hand: the shoots either side have grown about 50mm in 48hrs. I also flushed both tonight. They’re looking abit beaten but they’ll perk up :crossed_fingers:.


They look like a wet cat after defoliation and LST lol. Like you said, they’ll perk right back up :wink:


Here’s what the ladies look like today after some more lst and a feed.


Looking beautiful man. Love your drainage setup, looks easy and frustration free! Your HKs look gorgeous, keep up the good work. You may not even need the screens! They are growing bushy and squat. My next grow of HK will be done the easiest and quickest way possible:

A single topping at about 4th or 5th node and flip as soon as she recovers from the topping. Targeting a month of veg. My current mainline/scrog has been in veg for over two months.

I think this strain is perfect for indoors and doesn’t require any advanced techniques to get decent yield from. All this is theory based on my observations currently, but once this cycle is done, I’ll try the quick/easy method and see how it goes.

They look beautiful man, keep up the good work.