Hindu Kush - double trouble


Lol yeah rainforest pretty sure is gonna be hell for humidity regularly lol.


I guess it’s just normal for me here. I didn’t notice how bad the humidity was until I needed 40% for flower. I got a large dehumidifier… throw money at the problem and it goes away. :moneybag: :yen: :dollar:


@Mr.Indica Probably just cut and toss I’d say. Depends how low I chop. If they look ok I’ll try them. Did your clone end up living?


Nah my clone didn’t make it but it’s mostly because I didn’t know what I was doing.

If I were serious about cloning I would have a new small area setup specifically for seedlings and clones.

Likely CFL lighting and high humidity with a heating pad.


I just use my small space with a humidicrib inside. It’s a 250w MH light. I might try having them in the tent in the humidicrib.


I just mentiond something like this for Vida :joy::joy: DO IT!!!


So they got the chop this morning. Binned the tops. Sorry @Mr.Indica but I couldn’t be fucked cloning them.


Looking great! Damn this strain is a bushy beast! I bet you’ll be finished with your grow before mine and I have a two month head start LOL

No need to be sorry man. I’m still struggling to figure out what to do with Vida. LOL. I’m actually considering buying another light and keeping her in veg for a while outside the tent.


Excellent idea. Or make Aurora’s scrog a square instead of a rectangle? Extra light(cheap and nasty) and a free local cupboard or fridge. Done


And the damage is done:



@Mr.Indica what do u flower under?


Well, I’ve never flowered :wink:

But I plan on flowering under the QB 260W V2 3000K. You can see my setup on my first post, all the details are included.


@elheffe702 @PurpNGold74 @DoobieNoobie hey boys how was the race today? (It was the gold coast Super v8s today.) Haha. If you want to see a blowout checkout the footage. Crazy storm while they were racing. Absolute carnage.


Haha sounds like a good time was had my guy. Where’s the film? Proof or it didnt happen :joy:


Hmm maybe YouTube. Do you guys have YouTube in the states?


Hahahaha do we have youtube… we CREATED YOUTUBE! :joy::joy::joy: send the link. ILGM doesnt mind


Haha. I love it. USA! USA! I’ve been trying to find some footage. They had a nascar do some laps as a promo type thing as well. I think the Americans want to be a part of it? They’re all v8s from different manufacturers but they’re all 5L capacity. So Holden, Ford, Volvo, Nissan ect. All 5L donks. So maybe Chevrolet and dodge want to come in? Would be cool. I love a Hemi.


Me and you both brother. Lmao. Its 3 am tho man. Ill see you tomaro… or today. Or whenever :joy::joy:


3am. Happy Sunday bro. It was a good day


Good looking plants man! One thing that would probably be worth doing, @dbrn32 can correct me if im wrong, but it might be best to use the MH even if lower wattage? You losing alot of the blue spectrum right now with the HPS.