Hindu Kush - double trouble


On the first pic you can see it on the upper fan leaves as well. The other plant is maybe 50mm smaller so has been ok from when I started raising the light. It’s the bigger one I’m gauging off.


I had the same thing happen when I moved indy outdoors she got light burn but it was only on lower leaves. Kinda strange.


No, but I didn’t realize it was an old problem sorry.


All good. Many eyes make light work. Haha. I wouldn’t say too old. Maybe 10 days? I’m keeping an eye on it. Thanks for the comment though. I appreciate all the feedback. Mine is definitely a group grow.


Right on man. Looks like they are well past the light burn. It killed me when I burned the first set of leaves on Aurora, but obviously, these ladies are resilient and can survive the hell that we put them through.

Looking forward to seeing where you chose to top them. Are you going to try and salvage the tops as clones? Or just cut and toss?


Right above my head as I work. Probably 3m in the air. Spider colony. Yeah STRAYA


YIKES! I’m glad you found them before they found you! :v:


Be a busload of DOA… Like 2 flip flops, a flyswatter, a can of raid, and a Bill Cosby sweater…


Nah. I’d have to burn that whole section to the ground. You gotta get all the eggs, too!

Edit: I’d never survive down under lol


Facts as fk


I’d love to go live there for a while, a few months or whatever. I’ve always wanted to learn to surf, and I think Surfers Paradise would be great, right around V8s weekend there…yeah.


Did you say big a** motors? Im with it. Time it around Aus cutting/curing n its a plan


That’s right around Spring Break there, I think? Like, just passed.


Haha you two are classic. That job I did today had at least 50-60 spiders. I killed 5ish but only because they found their way onto my person. So I used the 4th amendment and executed my rights to bear arms. :bear: killed those fuckers with a judo chop. I was also unashamedly wearing thongs (flip flops) as I worked. V8s are rampant here. Maybe not 440 454 big blocks but every third car on the road has a 350 Chevy in it. I used to have a v8 Ute with 550rwhp. Thing was a cut snake. The goldy is roughly 12hrs drive for me but you’ll find it’s nowhere near the best part of the coast for surfing. Way too many people in the water. I live a 7km from world class waves with no one surfing them. I’m out there 4-5 times a week. I love it.


Me either! Seems like everything there either wants to kill you or can kill you lol. But it is beautiful. I’ve got a friend that lives in Melbourne. One of these days maybe I’ll make it out there.


Ooh bit chilly in Melbourne. That city has days where you get all 4 seasons in a day. Then in summer it’s fuck off hot. They had a heatwave last year that lasted like a month over 38’c. But there’s no such thing as climate change. :scream:


Lol I thought where I lived was the only place that the weather was insane. I know she had some crazy high heat last summer but that’s brutal lol.


Yeah Australia really copped it last summer. Today was 29’c in spring. And 99% humidity all day.


That humidity sucks. Makes it even worse feeling.


Yeah for sure. It’s shit for growing indoor as well. My tent was 34’c and 56% humidity. I live about 5km from a rainforest so that might be why.