Hindu Kush - double trouble


Both indoor Hindu Kush clones will be ready in 10-14 days I’d say. They just started week 8 so they’re really close. The last ones went 7&8 weeks respectively. Here’s some shots from tonight!


I made a bubble cloner as I wasn’t having much luck with cloning. This is how she went.


Great thread with beautiful pictures! I grew Hindu Kush this last summer and just harvested clones grown indoors over the winter.

If you grow Hindu Kush outside in the ground, or in a 30 gallon plus pot, you can wind up with a seven foot tall plant! So if Cannabis is illegal where you grow, keep it in small pots.

My indoor grown plants got about 1/3 cup of hardwood ash twice during flowering. The plants were small and had been infested with Russett mites. I cleared the mites with ladybugs, but since they were small I figured I’d experiment.

The smell on harvest day was almost overpowering in the tent. The plants just reeked of that spicy sweetness and the buds were coated white. Was it the ash? Dunno, but I’m going to try it again outdoors this summer.

And Hindu Kush is one strain that will always be in my garden!


Thanks for the kind words. I’m up to generation 4 with cloning this strain. It’s excellent to grow and a knockout smoke and rso. I keep them small as with all my plants as it is illegal here. I got 13oz of two indoor ones at New Years then 3.5 oz of my outdoor in a 15L container a week ago. Then on Friday just gone I harvested about another 10oz off another 2 indoors. I’m currently flowering it again along with a pure indica, and a couple g-13 clones.


Nice work on the cloner and your plants are looking great as well.


Thanks man. I harvested the Hindu Kush indoor and outdoor recently. Beautiful bud.