Hindu Kush - double trouble


Congrats on the 420 post.:call_me_hand:t2::seedling::ok_hand:


Ah I didn’t even notice!


Here’s the clones in week 4 of flower.


They are comming along very nicely bra


Here’s the clones at the start of week 5. There’s 2 Hindu Kush clones and a pure indica as new roomies in the flower tent.

And here is the veg closet. Northern lights auto on the left and super skunk on the right. The one last clone will become a Hindu Kush mother. In the seedling hut there’s 2 amnesia haze auto and two blueberry auto.

Here’s the outdoor Hindu Kush clone slowly vegging then budding then vegging then budding. It’ll get there.

And I pulled this little fella off her this arvo


Full house in your flower tent! Looking good :+1:


It’s the fullest it’s been plant count wise. I want to experiment with yield v technique/pot volume. Either way I’ll get some weed. Haha :call_me_hand:t2:


Dont catch the greed buggg


Hopefully u have super low humidity


Seriously… its all fun and games until botrytis sets in


Humidity is running between 25-40% so I’m good there. It’s the heat that’s the worry. 35-40’C range.


Thats hot as shit man that killed all my terps and flavanoids… tasted like dry grass never got good flavor but punch was there


I know heat degrades thc a lil i imagined if i never had heat problems im in sourh florida in a outdoor shed


Ok so week 6 starts tomorrow. They’re stacking nicely and are covered in snow. ! Hindu Kush generation 2

Here’s the two Hindu Kush clones(clone to flower experiment. 1.5L pots, gen 3)

And here’s one of my grow off plants. Pure indica in 3gal pot and scrog.

Here’s some buds off the outdoor Hindu Kush clone gen 2


So I went and seen a grow buddy of mine yesterday. He’s growing one of my Hindu Kush gen 2 clones and a g-13 from seed. They’re in week 5 of flower. They’re in a 2.4x1.2x2.4m tent. One each side with 600w hps above each. Here’s the flower room porn.
Hindu Kush

And here’s the G-13

He was also good enough to let me do some monster cropping while I was there. Here’s the clones in the humidicrib.


2 days worth if growth phenominal

Humidicrib​:rofl::rofl: lol get soke soil with lots of mycos like a flowering dirt for example fox farm strawberry feild im usings its got all the stuff clones love being a flower soiless mix and i saturated with more beneficial bacteria and as soon as leaves turned yellow i put em in here and there digging it i bet ina week they will bad ass


Here’s my journal @Kiwiknight


Yeah bra I have been following , I’m gona try a screen next year on my plants outside


Remeber em 5 days ago


Ok so last Friday was 9 weeks of flower for my outdoor Hindu Kush clone in a scrog. It got chopped. 450g trimmed wet. So 4 maybe 5 oz dried. Here’s the pictures to prove it.