Hindu Kush - double trouble


Woah! Man, this harvest turned out. So excited, I’ll live through you since I never got to flower my Hindu Kushes. Damn, I missed out.

Very happy for you though!


Hey bro long time no see. It’s a pity you couldn’t flower them. They’re absolute fire to smoke too. You still got plans for growing?


I bet they are amazing. Your harvest looks delish! I just flipped a pair of Kandy Kush’s over on the dark side. It’s a pistil party! As a hybrid it’s not staking up as dense as the HK but hey, looks like I’ll make it to my first harvest this time :wink:


Ok so with both plants harvested I have the coveted harvest yields. LHS gave 7oz and RHS gave 6oz. So 13oz all up.

And a quick pic of the two clones that have replaced them. They are clones of what was there. Hindu Kush. LHS and RHS are the same pheno as what was there.


Awesome bro not bad for an
Aussie aye :+1:t4:


Haha. Can’t play cricket but can grow mull


Supercropping with scrog. I’ve seen this before but never so clean. You are an artist.


Thanks bro. It’s just time consuming. They’re monstercropped clones too. Should be a good show.


I tried tying down that crop I did on my plant , I tied it to the main stem but didn’t do It right I think as it’s stood back up :grin:. So cropped it again higher up and put a string down to a staple on the retaining wall… the fucker ain’t going nowhere now :crossed_fingers:


And really what is more important, good cricket or good weed? i suppose good weed while watching good cricket.


Monster and super cropped clones in a scrog and lollipopped. That’s some nomenclature


Nomenclature??? Wtf is that? Good or bad? I’m eating a double brownie while I write this. It’s a bit of work to begin with then it’s nice and neat and tidy. I even do the same thing with my outdoor plants now too. Haha
I just googled nomenclature. I had no idea a system for naming things existed let alone had a name itself. Cool. Nomenclature


Nice bro. That’ll keep it away from the neighbors. I doubt it’ll be the last one you crop.:call_me_hand:t2:


Yep. Sure does. I’m not aware of a specific naming system for cannabis cultivation, but why not?


Dont u love it when potheads go all PBS n get educational


I love reading too far into stuff. You should hear when I explain things to my kids. Haha. You can physically see the glaze coming over their eyes. Haha


Ok so I haven’t updated for a while. I’ve been busy with the grow off starting ect. I took some photos today. These were both clones and are in week 3 of flower. I’m loving the perpetual grow setup. No down time between flowering.

I also went and visited a friend today who is growing one of the same clones from my recently harvested Hindu Kush. His tent is double mine. 4x8x8’. He is at the start of week 2.This is his plant.


Looking good


This is another from the same clone army. This is my late season outdoor plant.

And here’s the nursery


Looking good man