Hindu Kush - double trouble


Congratulations on an awesome harvest!


Ok friends LHS plant has given 7.1oz dry and is in jars to cure.


And RHS came down tonight as well. 675g wet so we’ll see soon. Here’s some pics


And a couple closer shots


Woohooo. :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5: Yup solid pull. Congrats again my guy


Thanks bro. I’ve been smoking bats of the earlier stuff tonight and I’m proper cooked. So I’m keen for the next couple of weeks testing and blazing and blazing and testing. :man_scientist:


effing aye. Hows she smoke?


Awesome mate


I’m going to seal your pipe idea! :wink:


Pipe idea?


You gona enter bud of the month?


Still a little harsh. It’s a strong fascial high with solid eyelid diminishing powers. I was running at about 10% eyeballs. I was getting body tingles that settled into a strong body high too. Flavours of like sandlewood and vanilla hints and earthy but sweet overtones. Overall I’d say it’s ripper Rita.


Haha nice smoke report. Harshness will mellow with curing. 10% eyeball power :joy::joy::joy: guess its glaucoma approved. N :steam_locomotive: has that sandelwoody smell. Its diff compared to my fruit salad plants :joy:


Yeah I can’t quite put my finger on it. It’s definitely earthy. It’s quite strong already too. My brother in law only had 4 puffs then flat out refused to have anymore like a kid would veggies.


Yup know that feeling.

“Im soooo fuqin high” blunt comes back around “keep that ish away from me dog”

N yea. Its like a oaky, soft wood smell. Just plan different to smell on weed


How easy have you found getting the seeds from these guys, as i have had trouble with other suppliers before coming here, what strains from bergmans @Kiwiknight have you found really good to extreme?

cheers, crickets not looking good :persevere:


Hey hungrybud this is the first time iv grown anything from ilgm before, but seeds came quickly over here in nz

Oh you should start supporting the black caps if you want to watch a winning team :yum:. No sand paper down our trousers :rofl::joy:


And there balls are still paying for it, is your new PM pushing for legalisation ?


Yeah mate hopefully be legal end of 2020 :+1:t4:


Is that just for medical or open legal ? think i will move to NZ if thats the case as politicians here are for themselves not for the country.


Medical has already passed but I think that is for the terminally ill tho , they going for rec 2020 :+1:t4: