Hindu Kush - double trouble


Im here stalking in the shadows :slight_smile:


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That’s a good way to look at it. Haha. We’ve been looking at getting it for a while now anyway. This just speeds it up abit.


Little sneak peak. I think I might leave them another week before topping. Any input guys?


Yes, wait for one more node and then top, probably next week.


Im using the exact same nutrient and medium cyco I’m interested to see how you turn out happy growing :100:


Nice! She’s so bushy I can’t tell how man nodes are there but I waited for 5-6 nodes, then topped right above the 3rd node and cleaned everything below it leaving two offshoots and the fan leaves from the same node.

You’re going for ScroG right? If so, have you considered not topping at all?


That spacing is CRAZY tight…


Yep, that’s Hindu Kush for ya. I feel like this strain might be one of the best for indoor. You could probably get huge yields with a single topping and then nothing more than defoliation from there.


Yep, Hindu Kush is nice! I have two, seven footers in the back yard.


Out of likes but watching!


You have a journal for those? Tag me if you do!


To the outdoors we grow.


I have considered this, but the idea of topping to create equal rights for all flowers to reach the same godliness is too tempting. I think I’ll just use the scrog to “arrange” the buds this time. This means no supercropping. Maybe. My plan right now is to top, train it wide using the edge of the pot, when they’re big enough I’ll release the lst and arrange into the screen, then flip. This may change.


Like water. Go with the flow.




Looks like some LED bleaching. Lights were too close? What’s your strategy in terms of setting up the base? Are you going to top at all?


Yeah it’s light burn alright. I took them from 250W MH to 600W HPS and only took the height to light from 350-450mm. I’ve raised it 20-25mm daily to find the sweet spot. They’re at around 550mm now. I’ll let them grow into that then slowly jam the light back down on top of them to keep the nice tight nodes.(the more nodes in height=more shoots=more bud sites.) they will get topped this weekend. I was waiting for the topping site to be halfway between pot and scrog. It’s there now so they’ll cop it probably Friday night or Saturday. Once they bounce back I’ll start lsting. They’re growing fast so I’m going to try to have a bit more length before tying them down.


Kinda odd that lights would burn lower leaves more than the upper leaves that would be closest to light. Or am I not seeing pics correctly?


You’re 100% correct. They have grown heaps since the initial burn. The top stuff is green. But the larger leaves fan leaves seem to be copping more heat. Did you have a different idea of what the problem is? I’m all ears for sure.