Hindu Kush - double trouble


That keep you going for awhile aye, I just got the heavy hitters mix pack atm. One day il go indoors but for now outdoors is me


A couple of quick harvest shots from last night. I’ll get some better pictures when im not so sticky. We were able to do almost the whole LHS plant.

image Uploading: 4531CE80-7BFF-4F0B-ABCE-4AC40D026A95.jpeg…


Here’s the final hanging for the LHS plant. There’s 80 colas ranging in size. Then all the popcorn is under on the trays. I really didn’t expect this much… and there’s still another one to go. How good is harvest time seriously. @PurpNGold74 @Budbrother @Blasting @blackthumbbetty @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 @elheffe702 @Kiwiknight @Missiles @Willd
Sorry for the bulk tagging but I have no one to share this with except you guys. I’m totally stoked. I.L.G.M!


I love a good harvest shot!


Thanks betty. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Awesome Grow Brother and he’ll of a nice harvest…


Dude, ya got all kinda reasons to be stoked!!


Oh my goodness! That is a massive Harvest :wink:. And those are some major colas you have hanging on the racks​:drooling_face:. You did an awesome job. Can’t wait to see what your dry weight is!


Mean my bro ! Bet she’s gonna be be so mean as bud :evergreen_tree::+1:t4:


That is absolutely frigging nuts! I had to scroll up but congrats on the chop man. U gotta extraction plan? I want smoke reports? N how ur fingers smell? :joy::rofl::thinking:


Thanks guys. It took 14 man hours to harvest. I’ve had some early stuff from 2 weeks ago and it was potent but still a little fresh to be smooth. It’s not harsh just fresh I think. I’ll be making RSO out of the super trim (tiny buds) and some canna coco oil with the trim. And depending on dry weight I’ll do some RSO with the buds too.


Nicely done, congrats!


Very nice bro!


What time suits for a quick pop around ??


That’s the money shot right there


Ooh money shot. Nice.


I’m waiting… I’ll start mulling up now


One down, one to go…


Damn! Great job man! Congrats on the harvest. I just finished off my big plant. Still got one to go.


Great work :+1: