Hindu Kush - double trouble


Looking stanky, nice!!


So I took my first peek through my loupe and found the LHS plant has a couple of amber trichomes dotted across all the buds I checked and RHS has one here and there. I’m tossing up whether to feed again or to start flushing. They’re in coco so it won’t take long. And as can be seen from the pictures they’re both starting to eat themselves anyway. What’s the general consensus?

For anyone who’s been following along, here’s 2 of the monstercropped clones from the 2 in flower. They’ve been vegging along quietly in the veg space. They’ll go straight into the flower tent when the current ones are dry. This will make space in perfect time for the grow off girls to begin life. Argh isn’t it nice when a plan comes together.

Quick shot of my watering and runoff system


If you’re seeing amber then start flushing now.


Thanks @raustin. I’m going in at lights off to check again. They always say with MJ, sleep or smoke on it. I’ve done both now so we’ll see how I go. If it’s done (it is) it’ll be coming down on New Years.


Everything looks great!


Some lights off pictures


@Kiwiknight here’s my journal bro.:call_me_hand:t2: Just across the ditch.


Sweet bro thanks the tag, Any talk over there about becoming legal? Might legal here by the next elections fingers crossed


Nah our politicians are too busy scwabbling over nothing to do anything good. They’re pathetic


The grass is greener over here bro :joy:


You’re probably right. Too cold though


That’s the way I like it :joy:. Your grow looks good bro I wanna try grow that strain one day


It’s really hardy. I’ve been having temperatures upto 37-38’C. I’ve cloned both and am flowering them next. I’m thinking Afghan for the community grow off.


Is Hindu Kush high in cbd?


Yeah it’s listed to be medium with both thc and cbd. I make RSO but I wanted a mixture between the 2.


Il put it my wish list for my next seed purchase, hopefully it’s in a mix pack


Kush mixpack looks good :+1:t4:


I got the Persian mix pack


I liked the look of the bubba kush one aswell


Yeah agreed. There aren’t many bad ones though. I’ve got Hindu Kush Afghan pure indica gold leaf and awaiting northern lights auto amnesia haze auto blueberry auto and super skunk