Hindu Kush - double trouble


Hmm ok. Do they have a website? Are you running them? I’m definitely intrigued


I did the FIFO in WA for years, loved it especially the wet mess :+1:


Yes got one on the way, just google Cutter electronics they have a good website but its upgrading all the time, great bunch of guys very helpful, dont want to put the link up incase i get in trouble.


Haha. I always stayed at the same town. Owned, built and run by Xstrata. Pub, bowlo, grocers the works. All the people working in the town and pit all wore the same uniform. It was like a movie.


Yeh just like the wild west


It’s brownies time again. I made a double batch of brownies using double oil in for butter, the oil being double strength (2oz in 500ml of coco oil) so yeah I think Santa will enjoy them tonight. :santa:


Ok so I just woke up in a chair outside in my garden. I think that was too big a slice of brownie. Wow


I have had that piece of brownie


Yall gonna make me go make a nice budder cup o coffee :slight_smile:


yummy this cup is one of the best ivI’ve made yet


Oms, you drink that! Does it come with green eggs n ham too!? Hehehee

Try heating some milk/cream for about 45 sec in microwave.
Melt budder into it and add sugar (if desired)
Pour coffee and whip it good!

The milk fats will absorb the oil floating around in that cup. Don’t want oil just floating around in your stomach, right.


Sure I do ! Dosent everyone ? Lol good idea but that seems like to much lol I’ve been known to eat a chunk of butter lmao


I have made green eggs haha. They’re nice but I wouldn’t recommend canna oil garlic bread. Not tasty


I’m worried about all the saturated fats being consumed


Haha so saturated. I had Xmas brownies and Xmas baseball bats. Yiew :+1:


Fat is the last thing I’m worried about saturated or unsaturated I cant gain weight to save my life


Quick photo update. The ladies are fattening up nicely. I’ve included some close ups as well.


Wow they are looking wonderful! Nice job :wink:


Thanks. :call_me_hand:t2:


Your welcome :wink: