Hindu Kush - double trouble


Like a low to the ground S10 :joy:

I think he in Oz. Australia


Honestly I think it has the size shape ratio of electric kids car, but it looks comfy


Yeah bro it’s a 350 small block with corvette add ons. Mine had 4.11:1 diff ratio. It was a weapon. It’s a 6 speed manual as well. That photo is the base model. This is the factory fast one.

It’s called HSV MALOO UTE. It had corvette running gear from the factory.


I like it. Where can I find one in the usa


Gorgeous plants, sick Ute!

Here you go @basementstealth http://lefthandutes.com


You can pick one up here for probably 5-7k.


Quick buddate. (Update on bud) genius


Buds are lookin’ great Brother…


Nice updope :+1:


Haha updope. N nice development. Swell my precious swell…


Looking good man


Thanks guys. Updope. Nice. Haha I snipped a small sample for Xmas. Why not ay


I was hoping to but mine are still too far away from done. Maybe they’ll look big enough to take one after Christmas for a new year’s treat.


The only vehicle needed in Australia @Ausgrow


Lol a snorkel does wonders for a full wheel drive. But even then I’m not that brave lol.


Yeah cruiser mate. This is cruiser county for sure. That guys got eggplants where his testes should be


I noticed no one followed, where in Oz are you mate?


Nsw bro. What about you?


Tasmania mate, Qld before that. I was going to tell you about the Lights at Cutter electronics in Vic, noticed you where talking about lights and prices.


Ah cool. I lived in qld for a couple years. Chasing the mining boom. Out near emerald