Hindu Kush - double trouble


Alot of hps is actually wasted light.


Wasted? Like tee many martoonies?


Wasted like heat im guessing… it grows nuggets. I like the V8 analogy. Difference is these new more efficient leds are like… a SkyLine

Yea its a nissan. But itll kick ur ass in a quarter mile.


I love my hlg 135v2 3000k qb. Sometimes I just sit in its light


Hmm. Possibly. Not with the right vehicle. Have you heard of ss commodore before? They make a Ute (1.7T ish) with small block Chevy and short diff gears. Makes a skyline look like a sunset. I had one it was 11 sec quarter mile with mostly stock internals. Only the stock cam from corvette. I love v8s ay. But I don’t love hps. Not totally. I’m constantly searching the led werld.


Ima v8 baby. N no commodores. But i can imagine. Have seen some freaky stuff… just meant it as a point of ref.


Yeah I get the reference. I’ve been looking almost daily at different setups. It’s a bit pricey here though. I really would like to go qb. It would be a bit to get used to. No heat issues would be good. And this is the Ute I was talking about.

Sexy ay


Yes that thing is sexy af. And yea its a bit higher on the start. No way to assemble outta Oz? Makes ot around a $1 a watt


I can get them here no worries. I like the hlg 550 v2 but it’s AU$1400. Or maybe 2 of the hlg 135 v2s but they’re AU$360 ea.


Whats an Aussie $ to ours? I think its like $150 here?


Yeah it’s the old isolation thing I think. Everything is more expensive here. Then Aussie made stuff is dearer again. Go figure.


Yup. Well :poop:. Go with what u know. When its upgrade time tho…


Yeah I agree. I’m doing ok with what I’ve got so I shouldn’t fix what ain’t broke. I just hate power consumption. Even though I have solar. I have 2 small grow setups and still make money from it. I don’t pay power or gas bills. (Gas being natural gas not gasoline.)


I always go all electric and no gas where i live. Just cheaper. And yea. Those qbs would chop ur power bill (if u have one)


It’s funny because here gas is much cheaper. I have gas heating, cooking and hot water. Before solar my electricity bill alone was $3200/year and gas is $1600/year. Now I don’t pay


Ahhh solar. Sorry ima idgit. :+1:t5::joy: smart man


It’s funny because the whole setup for the solar was $4500. So it’s paid for itself inside the first year. Brilliant. Smart new world hippies. :v:


Where is this car from?


It’s a Holden commodore ss Ute. They come out with Chevy small blocks. This is an 04 model. I had a smick one. 360RWKW. Which is 480RWHP. They’re much smaller than your pickups. Like the size of a comaro. They made utes, panelvans, wagons and sedans.


Where in the world?