Hindu Kush - double trouble


Oh no. That’s not good. Hopefully it’s short lived.


No likes but love the fish maters. :+1:t5: N that HK clone looks good n healthy


How’d the blackouts go?


Didn’t seem to do too much. The power was out for about 2hrs. No hermi action yet. :crossed_fingers:


A little photo update of the flowering girls


Wow your ladies are looking wonderful! Very nice.


Beautiful ladies for sure!


I only paid $120 something a piece for my 300w lights.


Lookin’ so nice…


That’s a steal for wattage. But the key is efficiency. Your 300 watts probably lose a lot of power to heat and if they have fans there’s power wasted on them as well. So I’m just guessing but i’d say they’re probably similar in amount of actual light watts. But the efficiency is what people running a lot of lights need. If you have a lot of lights they start adding up. By going with more efficient lighting you can cut 1/3 of the power down and get the same lighting. And heat loss was a concern for me with our crazy hot summers. I can’t have anything that adds a lot of heat. But in winter now I wish I had it lol. I have to keep my door closed if not it’s in the 60s with lights on and 50s with them off.


I think with the loss they’re around 285w. But still not a bad deal for the price and 3 year warranty. Plus they have a great footprint…


Are yours hid @OldSchoolGrower ?


No. Just basic entry level cobs.


They definitely do the job there’s no doubting that!


Ah yeah. I’ve been doing a bit of research on different lighting. It’s tough to work out what I need to replace mine. I read some that say 1200w, actual pull 300w, replaces a 600w hps.
I dunno. There’s too many numbers for me.


Yeah through all my researching, they were the best bang for my buck on my disability payments.


I went by the actual wattage not the numbers all the companies try to market.


Planning on doing some light strip builds after this run…


You’ll love them. You can really cover every inch with them. That is another great thing about a custom light. It’s guaranteed to fit your space like a glove.


Yeah that’s what I was trying to do. But will 300w of cob really replace 600w of v8 HPS? What happened to no replacement for displacement?