Hindu Kush - double trouble


Looking good


Looking good👍


Little update. They’re definitely stacking and stinking. The LHS girls pistils are turning brown. RHS still bleach white.I pruned some fan leaves to allow light to get a little lower in both. They’re intent on maintaining the thick canopy. And my hands were so sticky. I went inside to grab something and my wife said “holy shit you stink. Like actually fucken reek like ganja.” Haha :joy:


All together now

And a bud shot. Not the biggest or smallest, just a random from the LHS.


Looking lovely in there! Nice work dude!!


Thanks bro. Hey I’ve always wanted to ask. Does the name @Blasting have anything to do with coal mining? Or other mineral mining? And happy Monday to all


Yeah, been blasting for gold/lithium for couple of years, just took a break to be a little more home and im gonna go back to construction blasting nearer from home after winter.


Ah ok. I spent 6 years in underground coal pits over here. Only a little bit of blasting experience. Mainly operating joy miners and long walls.


Girls are looking sexy. Stack girls. Stack!


Well done boys @DoobieNoobie @OldSchoolGrower I believe congrats is in order???


Are you sure youre answering the right thread mate? Hehehehe


Lol maybe so. But I guess it depends what we’re talking about lol.


I’m pretty sure. The news would have sent you to mars. Haha. Does that shed any light? Haha


Lol yeah thought that’s what you meant. And yes it’s nice to get to try something out especially since the pics of it look like it’ll be a solid light.


Yeah it’s very cool. Is it going to be on par with your diy fixture? What’s the wattage comparison?


It’s weaker. My panels are 200 watts each. This one is only 137 actual watts. So if it grows comparable then it’s a great light. I like they’re using meanwell drivers based on pics.


Ok cool. What about price comparison?


Well mine came out to $165 each. And that’s only buying in bulk to get it cheaper price. The Mars hydro SP is $138. So the mars light actually a dollar a watt. Not to bad.


Nice. So if it performs it’s a winner


Just a quick photo update for those interested in the aquaponic setup I’m running. @elheffe702 @PurpNGold74 can’t remember who else liked it. Anyway here’s some pics of the pond, fish, growbed and some root porn. All be it tomatoes :tomato: but still roots.

And one monster cropped clone from Hindu Kush mother.


Argh NOOOOOOO. Blackouts