Hindu Kush - double trouble


Waiting for my critical purple auto to finish flowering. And nurturing a blueberry auto seedling. I have a new fan and filter coming to help control the smells. Good stuff


I’m not a huge fan of the series, but I find myself a lot like that one dude in Harry Potter…“Shouldn’t have said that…”


Happy Cake Day Jefe! N ive said this once… Potter should have died!!!


He did die. I thought he did die for a bit. Did I totally imagine that?


Like 20 mins. They totally effed me outta 8 years of time invested


U waited 8 years hoping V would win?


Happy Anniversary !


Happy cake day he who must not be named. I’m one of the huge losers who read the books as well. Shame


Books are always better than the movies. Well usually.


No. I figured Harry is V’s future embodiment. So to beat him ‘once n for all’ they’d have to kill Potter. Semi correct…

N i second that Doob. Books are better but i have the attention span of a flea


Dont be too sad Ive read them like 3 times each lmfao.


Nice bro :call_me_hand:t2:


Little update on the monster cropped clones. Currently 12/15 are cranking. I planted this one outside today.

Here’s a leaf from the big girls in the tent

And a quick shot of the aquaponic setup. The tomatoes are going gangbusters.


Well done so far. Ur season is just getting into swing eh? Gonna be a good one! N damn fine work with the clones. Sweet roots


Nice job on everything Brother…


Thanks guys. Yeah @PurpNGold74 it’s summer now and I’m onto my second outdoor plant for the season. Pretty schwifty…


A little bud update


Sorry for the blinding hps


That thing is crazy bright. But they look absolutely FUNKY! How far along now? Still loads of white pistils


looking good brother!!!


Thanks boys. They enter week 5 since pistils on Sunday. :call_me_hand:t2: