Hindu Kush - double trouble


We love eating our home grown goodies. We’re vegetarians. (I’m an opportunistic-Arian) so it doesn’t last long enough to go bad that’s for sure.


Its between the Bubblegum and the SuperSkunk. But Amnesia Haze is a highly underrated smoke.


Looking good @Ausgrow :+1:

The tips of the leaves look like they’re curling up on the margins in some those pics. Might be a little too warm. Otherwise, gorgeous! :v:

My vote is for the Super Skunk. And I laughed hard at the supermax comment :laughing:


You are 100% spotted dog. Yesterday was a scorcher and the tent got to 35’c. That’s hot fuckin.


“Hot as,” as y’all say.


Hot as fuck cunt.
It’s a little warm today my friend


Flush time. I was able to snap a few pics before lights on.


And here’s the underscrog shots.



They look awesome Brother. Really like your run off system. Nicely done. Filing that one in the corner of my brain.


love the upskirt shot


Yup those ladies are looking damn fine. Love the preflowers u got going on. N looks a bit frosty already


Hey bro. How come your comment got deleted? Are you being naughty? :smiling_imp:


Sometimes I say stupid Chet and I delete when I realize

This guy No filter


Haha. I love it. I liked it anyway. I wanna know just now. I have no filter in real life but I type really slow so usually figure it’s dumb before I send it. Haha


It.would seriously reduce it’s coolness if u knew. Lol


Hahaha. Now im intrigued too. I also have that ‘foot to mouth’ disease


I don’t mean to be mysterious but I can’t talk about it and I can’t talk about why


Haha. :call_me_hand:t2::thinking::man_shrugging::man_farmer:t2:


What’s new with u @Ausgrow


Not much. I did some shopping for the grow off today. I got 20L buckets as 5gal isn’t a thing anywhere else in the world. It’s just over 5gal but I’m not filling it anyway. Got some more nutrient ect. What about you bro?