Hindu Kush - double trouble


Sheeeeeit, I’m chilly and IN the poor house already! :fist_right: :rofl: I can’t find the right fist…Then I typed the word “fist” and lo and behold, :facepunch:


Hahahaha :joy::joy: welcome to da club (cold n poor) but yea. I use fist (word) too


Ahhh shit sorry. Who did big banana feet or whatever his old screen name was help build the light? Thought that was you.


Can’t remember. I remember the light, but not the gardener.


Makes two of us lol, sorry again.


Hey fellow gardeners how are you all? I’ve been away for a few days working and just came home to this…


They need a trim. They’re 3 weeks into flower now. I’m still cool to give them a prune aren’t I? The canopy is super dense now


You should be able to at 3 weeks, but I wouldn’t any later than that.


Looking good


Thanks. Yeah I thought it was the cutoff. This strain is so thick it’s crazy. This is after the haircut.


I have to trim plants all the way through flower. Just don’t take too much too fast.


Yup ima be taking off lower legs all the way thru. 2 or 3 every week or couple days. More clone practice! :joy::joy:


no more defol than 30% leaves every 2-3 days or she get shocked


Thanks guys. I went ahead and trimmed them. I like the 30% rule. I probably took about 10%. They were insane thick. And super sticky. And super frosty. Mmmm. I love growing marijuana.


ilgm too!!!


I just ordered 10+10 super skunk and auto flower mix pack including amnesia haze, northern lights and bubblegum. What to grow for grow off?


ooooh very good question… you can grow five and pic one before flower


Yeah but 5 will also land me in Goulburn supermax


like prison? i do not recommend anyone break the laws in their community. :crossed_fingers::wink:


Haha yeah like prison. Same same. It’s just a high threat inmate prison. Here’s some more home grown


I could definitely make a good meal out of that.