Hindu Kush - double trouble


Here we go again. This time I’ve got 2 Hindu Kush girls. They’ve just gone into their forever homes today (35L plastic). I made some individual scrog screens for them as well. The whole tent scrog was too labor intensive. I’ll put up the photo story from the start.


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Not sure if you guys are keen to come along for the ride. Feel free to tag anyone who might be interested.



They got new homes today


And here’s a first look at the diy individual scrogs. I’m further along but will post a pic when they’re done.


Looks like you’re off to a good start. I had some hindu kush many years ago. Can’t remember much about it except the fact it packed a hell of a punch for back then. I’ll be following along.


No worries :call_me_hand:t2: @DoobieNoobie


Here they are out of the nursery and into the big girl tent. Sitting in their new “scrog house of pain”.


And the new supply cupboard


I’ll tag along for sure!


I’m watching! We are Kush brothers! Are you using soil or coco? Is that a MH or HID light?

They look super healthy and ready to take over the larger containers! I have a feeling they will be fighting for space hahaha.


Fer damn sure in


I’m watching bud :v:


Well well well… scrog bug bit eh? :joy: im here and lurking. Best of luck with the gals bro :facepunch:t5:


I heard once you go ScroG, you can’t go back? heheh


I tried and then ended up tying her up anyway.


They’re in coco/perlite. They began life under a 250w MH and have now graduated to the 600w HPS. I don’t own a 600w MH bulb otherwise they would be under that. And the Kush brotherhood is born. :call_me_hand:t2:


Nice! The perfect combo. Tried and true. As long as you can manage the heat they generate and can cope with the electric bill, they are bombastic!

Yes sir, Kush Bros :facepunch:t3:


The heat part is easy. The power part… not so much. I’m looking into getting solar for my place. Electricity is ridiculously expensive here in aus. Last 1/4 was $850au. Maybe 600-650US or 460pound


The irony. Solar, to save money on trying to reproduce the power of the sun :wink:

I get it though, that would be ideal man.