Hillbilly103 star date 6.26.2017 my mission to go where I've never gone before


It all starts here, the room.

First the cinder block walls received 3 coats of UGL DryLoc water & moister Barrier paint.

Then the room was wired for a 30 amp circuit. And primed with mold and stain block.

@wishingilivedina420state @dbrn32

Soil or soilless for the beginner marijuana grower
Full spectrum or adjustable wave LED

Once that was completed I framed the other walls.


Installed a outlet vent with carbon filters


Finished by installing door and sealing up all joints and finished painting with flat white fence & barn paint


All that’s left is hook up lights

Install exhaust fan
And grow wicked girls :sunglasses:


More pics as I progress.


Looks great, how big is the space?


@jasong 4x8x8


5gal buckets: start with a generic 5gal bucket

Wash in 10% bleach water
Reinse in clean water


Drill lots of holes in bottom and 4" up side from bottom

Afterward scrub drilled area to remove debris


Take a 12-14 inch Coco plant basket liner


Form it to fit inside bottom of bucket

And your ready for soil


@bob31 @Hogmaster @Majiktoker @Niala
I’ve got both of these on hand, which one to use or a 50/50 mix of the two?
Plan on adding earthworm castings as well.


Which one has a lower nitrogen content in it


Canadian Sphagnum peat moss (75-85% by volume)
Dolomitic & Calcitic limestone (pH adjuster)
Wetting agent.


Thats the one id use the BX brand





Id be thinking the BX though I dont think a 50/50 mix would hurt…honestly id probably use the BX first


@hillbilly103, nice work! So if your using that ProMix, is that considered a soiless mix, what I mean do you ph from 5.8-6? Just curious cause I can by same stuff at my local grow shop… What would you ph water to when using this product?


@Majiktoker thanks greatly I’ll use the BX and save the LP15 for other things.