Hillbilly first Timer lol

Hi!! New to growing, doing indoor hydroponics. My first grow I had 2 northlgts,4 blueberries, 3 am.hz. I have a 2x4x63" tent. How do you get the plants to change color? I have 3 gdp this time and 2 gold leaf? In week 7 of flow Thanks![IMG_20180806_054227209_HDR|666x500]



here’s a nug, it’s one of the smaller onesUploading…

You can drop your nighttime temperatures about 10-15°F below your daytime temperatures to get colors to come out, but only if the genetics are those that will produce colors.

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Thank you, I will try that on the GDP

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If you can get temps lower & humidity between 30 to 40% youll get the colors. But fortunately the yummy is already there.