Higrade thc tester

Might need to read that again when I test my next batch of edibles :sweat_smile:

If my nose tickles, and I sneeze… we got some good smoke!

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You can also look at tricombs…

Someone post a pic of your own buds tricombs and I’ll follow it with a pic, we will see who looks like they have more potent weed :smirk_cat:


@Nicky - liking the looks on the CANNALYTICS compared to a few others. But I’m either missing something or their marketing/sales is deceptive.

The 20-25 test kit is $149.
The 40-50 test kit is $289. $140 more than the lesser kit. Yet, the 20-25 test kit refill is $99.

So for $149 + $99 = $248 I get the same supplies as the kit they are charging $289. $41 cheaper.

Am I missing something???

Full discloser - I took a ML of tincture to test potency for gummies. Not curled in the fetal position but maybe affecting my comprehension a little :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna run some Granddaddy Purple through my supercritical BHO extractor and I bet that will break the needle!
I’ve always taken every extreme to the extreme, wish me luck, I might hurt myself this time from THC exposure! (THCE)
I’m the kind of guy responsible for all the warning labels…


Stay frosty


To be honest I seen the same thing and couldn’t make sence of it so was going to just buy the 20/25 kit when I’m flush again then get refills from whoever doesn’t even have to be them

They just include the good reference card and pipette + the other things you need to get started.
Heck you can probably buy the chemicals from a supplier.

Maybe get in touch with them and report back?

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OK, just ordered the CANNALYTICS kit. 20-25 tests.

I emailed them some questions on testing gummies and alcohol tincture. They replied within a couple hours. Based on decent customer service I decided to give them a try.

Neighbor works for a dispensary and is going to get me a couple buds from 2 different strains for me to test and see how close I get to the lab results. Going to be a blind test as I won’t have an info on them before I test.

I figured if results are acceptable I’ll either order refill kits from them or look around for cheaper.

Will post my results!

Thanks for the research @Nicky


You have Netflix?

Go watch examined season 1 episode 12
Then watch Rotten season 2 episode 6

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I do. I have a quite week coming up at work so will watch them this week!

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I’d be interested to know the the results!

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Anyone else following this I think @Nicky meant Explained season 1 episode 12, not Examined.

Great shows!!! I really enjoyed the Rotten Episode. Thanks!

I did mean explained haha!
Good watches eh.

How did this ever turn out?

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It’s all here @OneMannGang