Higrade thc tester

I really thing that tCheck is better than highgrade, remind me an app that wanted to use for landscaping to recognize the plants and is with a photo data base so there are many differences and 0 accurate… I will be doing some pre test with tCheck and i will send them to the lab to actually see and know for how much they are of…

tCheck work really great, I now know what im taking and that is good for my dosages…

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@teacherttom1 Did you figure out the higrade tester? I’m looking at one, wondering if I should pull the lever. Thanks.

If you do know the return policy and test a bunch of different products (including some Dispensary stuff) asap to see how accurate it is.
To my understanding it’s not very accurate, but give it a go and let us know!
I think they were making a pro version is it available now?

Wow, im really late here, but if you did send off for test I would be interested in the results compared to the T-Check, I’ve found that my results are close to what is advertised for thc content on the strains I’ve done… so curious as to what you found!

Yeah because I’ve heard t check us even worse

Well see, my exp has been wonderful with it.

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Yeah I’m curious I have no experience with it it’s just what I’ve seen randoms on other forums say.
I used the high grade and on 3 different plants/buds got 16% or something average was odd

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Cool, cant really remember I’ll have to read back but think the Big bud I grew said like 18-19% and tested at 18, after I had to dilute it down, seem I ha e to do that every time, THATS the part I dont like… if it’s a tester to test thc it Should be able to give a result better than 15% … as of now you have too dilute…

Unfortunately they took my samples at the airport and the worst was arriving into Canada…

Will have to wait for a bit more, I finally found some doctors at the University of Sonora. Mexico that have the Chromatography.

They are doing test just for thc, CBD, THCa.

Will keep you posted…

But as I can see in different groups the results are pretty close and that is good enough for me…

Taste some samples here in Canada and taking some seed to start my indoor in Mexico

Got this orange Matrix, amazing 33.3%. Great taste

Will be back in February so I will send to test some samples of Bubba Kush, sour diesel and hopefully Gran daddy purple…

Cheers !

Searched for that strain can’t find it
… Orange matrix…

removed unauthorized link

Good luck…!

Sorry can’t link that here.
Yes I did see that one link with no reviews and no claimed strain thc % so I figured ide ask.
33.3% is quite the claim think ide need more info to make me buy it

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Please read forum policy on links. @InTheMiddleOfPress

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Out of likes for a few hrs again, Lol. But yeah if you do send some I be very interested in the results… that logic is the same as why I bought it… still glad I did!

So is the consensus the tcheck is worth the $$?

I always rough estimate my flower at 15% to make tinctures and edibles and then sample them to check potency. Hasn’t worked too well at times as I way over medicate. Would be really nice to have a better idea of potency!

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I think the consequences is there is no clear winner yet lol.
I haven’t had a chance to read what others thought of t check tbh

Okay so I did a bit of digging and I think the way to go is thin layer chromatography (TLC).

I own a medical company and myself am a paramedic, I work at large music festivals and am part of a federal harm reduction team that advocates for proper testing at these type of events.
We use multiple different technologies to test drugs and TLC is a very popular option so to see that this is now available for cannabis it would be the way i would go.

It’s a bit of a little process but you can do it fairly affordably and the science is solid.

As for tcheck and highgrade I wouldnt recommend them as they are over priced.
High grade I don’t trust their results or their technology and tcheck is wildy expensive for what it is thanks to great marketing.

These TLC test work on edibles as well.

There are many options of websites that will sell you this type of kit and lots of supplies so find one that you choose.


Thanks @Nicky. I’m going to do some reading and research on TLC this weekend.

Tired of testing an edible and ending curled up on the couch in a fetal position trying to figure out were my potency calculations went wrong :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’m just gonna keep relying on my good’ole “smoke tester” to determine what’s what. I don’t need fancy gizmos that irradiate your brain and take over all your thinking, then walking you into traffic unknowing where you take your last bus ride spread out allover the front bumper.

I’m sure if they had implants, allot less people would be crashing or getting run over.


Lol okay @Shatter

@emgoldslo sounds good, look at a couple different kits and then you will start to get an idea of what a good kit includes and what a good price is. Regardless of who’s selling it.
It’s basic lab equipment that really anyone can package and sell, of course fancy kits are going to be much more expensive but they are all doing the same test with the same devices.

The one thing I think seems to be critical is the reference cars that you compare your sample to next comes the pipettes (a variable one would be sweet)

After a quick search I think the best option I have found at a good price is by CANNALYTICS not the basic kit but the next step up.

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